Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Lancashire Art walks . A painters sketch book . Heights Farm and Wheelton Moor . 1

Hi and welcome to what I hope will become a regular feature of this blog and a return to a simular format of exploration in my earliest blogs adecade ago lost thanks to google, 

As a landscape painter and artist my woork is based on my walks and on my sketchess I rely on my remembered anecdotes and narratives, they are my way of recording and exploring the visual world around me. This works in a number of ways . one it helps me remember in a physical way my journeys te feel of wind sun colour shape and form and two the poetry of place of location and how the placement of one elemental part of nature reacts in our feelings to it and to others.


Well it's winter solstice time which is a time when I tend to sit and flick through my Northern Walks sketchbook. I was a bit surprised that I seem to have spent less time on it this year. Im not sure why that is, probably due to getting a new 30cl backpack and forgetting to keep my sketching gear in it...Anyhow here's three pages one from early summer, one from autumn. and one from winter. Happy Yule tide to everyone...get the old holly boughs into your homes, light your ash log give positive thought for natures and our survival...looks like we need to do that a lot more and follow the old ways because the new ones don't look to hot at the moment...most of al yippee the days are going to get longer from now on..

early summer Heights Farm Lane watercolour 20x15cm

Autumn on the track  by Withnell Villa watercolour 20x15

Winter by the Lonely Tree Millstone Ege watercolour 20x15cm

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Art Room Macclesfield

Rob Miller The Art Room Grosvenor Centre  Macclesfield Cheshire November- December 2017

For me, making a landscape or a seascape painting is like making a poem, it is both an expression of a feeling and an impression of a place; Whether my focus is the brightening field corner, the running shadows of a stream or the feeling of awe in wild spaces under changing skies I try and portray the sublime in nature.  Working outside, makes this a felt experience. Depending on the nuances of the paint, the wind or the sun, my work finishes somewhere between abstraction and figurative. For me this is part of an almost spiritual occupation full of emotive intensity a journey where the start is never a constant and completion is when it arrives. 

The works featured in this show are selected from a number of themes that I work along.
Western Isles seascapes have a narrative that concerns the Atlantic shore line of Scotland,  the gloaming which is the fleeting northern light, and its echoes in the ebb and flow of the tides. This is my third series focussing on this area.  They have a much diminished human presence.
A long term series focussing on the word ‘Northern’ painted in a format developed by the Impressionists en plein air pochades, They are of found places during my weekend country rambles over hill and dale, past rivers and Lakes. They constitute places explored more deeply and memories concerned with colours. Painted outdoors by Rivers and on Lakes many feature the Lune and Ribble Valleys, Derwentwater and Ulleswater following in Turners and Ruskin’s footsteps.
Yorkshires Gold and Cludders Stack inspired by Ted Hughes poems in his book Elmet they are concerned with summertime along the Lancashire Yorkshire border on the high moors from Bronte Country to Cliviger.
Rob Miller 22-11-2017

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Lancashire Coast-Blackpool North Seascape-Art Commission work in progress

Lancashire Coast-Blackpool North Seascape-Art Commission work in progress this was shot on my iphone 6 plus with a space of a couple of weeks between shootings. The commission itself is a 1 metre square painting. I'm more than enjoying making this commission, its focus is Blackpool and the wild view across the shallow seas of Morecombe bay towards Barrow. I'ts taken me a while to focus and shake of the fairground status of Blackpool. There is a beauty in this foreshore and the view beyond towards.  As a Lancashire painter and a Lancashire artist there are some dichotomies that I have to face up to here -- I search for beauty in a changing industrial seascape..there is a wild natural rawness I stand watching the shimmering silver grey waves caress a hard beach that over time has claimed some famous wrecks including a post Trafalgar  Flag Ship of the British Navy, its also home to scores of sea birds that wheel and dive-face the sea and you couldnt feel more wild - 

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Demonstration for Keswick Arts Society

Demonstration for Keswick Arts Society Nov 2017
By Rob Miller, Nov 7 2017 04:26PM
I've jotted down a few notes here about an afternoon I had. I'm going to try and do more of these so that you can get a feel of my working life as an artist painting in the beautiful English Lake District and Lingholm in particular.

I've copied and pasted this from my blog on the Lingholm website so if you want to see more please click here

I had a great time last Friday at the Herberts Centre in Keswick with Keswick Arts Society. I managed two demonstrations the first 45 minutes with a triptych watercolour of the Northern Derwentwater Fells this was a real gamble watercolour on this scale can easily go wrong but even with the short time slot, I think I did well. Challenging oneself is the only quick way to develop and test your skills and mentally your concentration whether its in private or in public. if you do and it comes off then watercolour is amazingly good at looking bright and fresh...perfect really as it keeps this fresh quality forever.

After tea came the second half. I had already stretched some Windsor and Newton oil paper and had prepared a box of all the materials I would need so I got straight into making a sepia painting using Pip Seymour Acrylics AKA. I covered the whole sheet in a light wash of lemon and raw sienna and whilst still wet had some fun wiping it off with a cloth, moving the paint around the surface, before painting with a cloth , brush anything in my box trying out all sorts of non traditional ways in order to quickly get to an image that I liked. The Art society members appeared to love it, this method is not only quick fun but also produces some stunning work by some of the UK's leading artists. At the end of the demo, we talked about using this technique for a full day workshop in the new year.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Lake District Art:- Newlands Hause The road to Buttermere watercolour artist Rob Miller

Lake District Art:- Newlands Hause The road to Buttermere
watercolour artist Rob Miller
I enjoyed making this Lake District water colour painting of Newlands Hause. The Hause is a place that always brings happy memories of wild camping below Rigg Beck and the purple house, It was always a place to dive up to and across when the rain made a day out on the fells too  damp..and a drive to Buttermere to see the waterfalls and a meal a good idea. This particular spot is one of the best views from the road  of Dale Head.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Lake District Art :- Lingholm Updates Resident Artist Rob Miller

Lingholm Garden North Gate Watercolour on paper artist Rob Miller

Since my last Lingholm article, almost a year ago I have spent some time developing a number of new lines and themes based around the views of the Main house from the Walled kitchen Garden. I have also revisited the Local fells and meandered alongside the Lake shore. I've also spent some time making a series of en plain air pochades 24x30cm of the small areas of the Garden and Green house on the micro areas that interested me visually. On any normal day my artistic focus is usually and totally based on my views of a landscape or a coastal scene. Its work that I have been engaged in for some years. So it was a good and valid use of time to tear myself away and explore afresh all the new challenges that engaging within a micro landscape would throw up.
The image above is one of five studies in Wallace Seymour acrylic paint titled "Kitchen Gardens, East Gate and flower bed". The warm Victorian Manchester brick stands out against the cool Cumbrian blue slate and local stone of the main house and chimneys in the background. It replicates a part of the Lakeland gardening theme of the grand houses. The theme starts with the taming of nature, then containment and finally its replacement. A riot of blue and mauve flowers contrast with a shock of yellows constrained in tidy edged flower beds. For the painter at first sight it seems that the canvas has been made, that the colours are already chosen, that the structures of planting determine each brushstrokes and that its only the movement of plants in the wind, the changing light and seasons that create nuances and circumstances to be explored. On a deeper level I also became very interested in the individual shaped/ forms of flowers such as this study below titled "Lingholm Kitchen Garden Allium."Plants also compete for light and space and I was interested to see how they work together as in the lower oil titled "Lingholm Kitchen Garden Daisies and Carnations"
The problem with painting flowers is that there are so much going on with all the structural aspects of each plants, the bed layout, the colour, form seasonal changes. Though the studies in both acrylics and oils had helped me to look at the House and Garden I felt that they were to detailed. I felt myself moving more towards a colourist abstraction as in the detail below titled "Lingholm Kitchen Garden Sunlight and wind North Bed June 17"
This abstraction fitted into the direction that I needed my work to go in. I need the viewer to recognise Lingholm and the plants as well as taking an abstracted visual journey. The whole issue of developing a body of work on the estate was about creating a 20C impression that moved 2D art further along the continuum of modernism since Lakeland artwork was begun by the likes of Beatrice Potter in the 19C. It became important to me, whilst I sat painting amongst the flowers to represent their colour as well as the overall feeling of joy that emanated from the Kitchen and from the garden as people enjoyed their day. The flowers created a warm colourfield that lift the cool lakeland greys.
The greys here are not the drab urban grey of a dull day. Generally its fair to say that a typical start to a lakeland summers day is a soft silvery one that turns gold as the suns strength grows. Its a subject matter that has attracted painters and poets to this iconic part of the world and has contributed to world heritage award for this very beautiful landscape.As in my oil painting below titled "Early Morning down by the Lake at Lingholm"
Grey mist lies over the valleys and lakes, it's the hope of the suns presence to warm the coolness of the day that makes the expectation poetic. How the tendrils of mist lift aloft to show towering steep crags and shrouded woods. Cool silvers changing subtly the wonderful bright tones of the day. Whether you see this from the Lake shore or from your boat as in the pochade oil painting below titled "Causey Pike and the Lingholm Foreshore viewed from Mid Lake" The lakeland artists day is one of continued visual fascination throughout the day.
Towards the end of June I was fortunate to meet with met with some members of the Keswick Art Society and we arranged along with the Seymour Family for me to give a talk in the Stone Room on the "Derwentwater Fells triptychs" and their preparation. Alongside Pip and Rebecca from Wallace Seymour fine art who gave a talk on their amazing fine art materials. After which we enjoyed a plate each of the mouth watering Lingholm Kitchen Scones and tea. At some point I hope to make the notes I kept into a further article on this site.
The area surrounding Lingholm is full of wonderful places to explore, walk and paint both along Derwentwater from Newlands down to the Castle Crag and beyond. As ever I made use of this when I packed my pochade box of paints to get out and about. I produced a number of smaller paintings in oils. An example is the painting in oils titled "Dalehead in July" below.
All the works featured in this article are available directly from myself and can be seen at the Lingholm Kitchen where prints are available.
studio 07841140562

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Yorkshire Dales Art :- A painting of Ingleborough in oils titled Joy Summertime artist Rob Miller RSA

A painting of Ingleborough in oils  titled Joy Summertime artist Rob Miller RSA

This is the second painting and part a new series on the three peaks which I started a couple of years ago. As I got more involved in painting the western lake District the Three Peaks  were put on the back burner. A recent visit to the three Peaks revamped my interest and back in the studio I found the two unfinished works.  Ingleborough is one of the rare fells which offers everything for the outdoors person whether your a walker, artist, etc , its a joy in summertime on a day off to walk along the grassy trods listening to the sky larks singing. If you fancy a walk and an explore take a look this web site where to walk.

Prints available at or email

Saturday, 26 August 2017

A painting in oils titled 'Summertime Ingleborough' artist Rob Miller

A painting in oils titled 'Summertime Ingleborough'  artist Rob Miller

I started this painting almost three years ago from the small road that runs to Twistleton and past Beezleys above the River Doe it gives a great view of West side of the fell and parking etc isn't hard.. I stood working between showers on one of those splendid bright Dales days. Ingleborough the place of the gods, its flat topped shape can be viewed more or less wherever I wonder around the Ribble Valley, its also the final fell on the three peaks marathon event and its steep slopes represented hell for my tired legs. For me as a painter who is sometimes categorized as a post impressionist, Ingleboroughs Limestone colours and and form is distinctive and on a summers day close as you can get in the UK to Paul Cezannes mountain scenes... All in all a brilliant place to paint.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

A marine paintiing in oils of Blackpool titled "The Sands above North Pier" in oils Lancashire artist Rob Miller RSA

For me Blackpool has a kind of hypnotic resonance with the past industrial cities of  North West England and Scotlands Glasgow. Its hard though to marry the amazing skies and colours of the sands, the moving sky and poetry of marine with the stag and hen parties which roll around Blackpool at the weekend. This painting was made about 500 yards above the north pier. The sea close to the beach glows a deep brown with the wet sands a deep yellow dotted white cream by flocks of gulls...a more wilder spot a more spacious spot would be hard to find.....the waves lit occasionally by a gleam of green light  a mystical place ..... I think its a viking kind of place that presents a norske  poetry resonating, crying  Blackpool lies between natures spaces and mans lust

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Two oil paintings of the Lake District " painted at Lingholm Lake District Artist Rob Miller

Lake District Art
Causey Pike  "Derwentwater Summer time
Oil on Board 24x30cm
Rob Miller

Lake District "Derwentwater Summer time Morning
oil on board 24x30cmRob Miller
It was great to be back with my pochade box and gear painting along the Derwentwater shore line. I should have been painting the complexities of the Lingholm Walled Kitchen garden but I had left the rabbits in peace and had decided that early morning quiet time for me, was best spent on the shores of Derwentwater . It’s a natural place for contemplation a soft breeze rippling the surface of the lake moving the reflections of the Lingholm Islands muted mauves indistinct in front of the distant Walla Crag all waiting for the first gentle rays of the sun. I could almost see Beatrice Potter sitting further along the shoreline watercolours in hand as she painted Herbert’s Island. Here are two of my oil paintings; pochade’s in oils 30x24 cm

Saturday, 12 August 2017

A painting in progress Lingholm Estate Garden English Lake District, Tchaikovsky and the creative mindset. by Rob Miller

A painting in progress  Lingholm Estate Garden by Rob Miller acrylic on paper

David has asked me to develop some art pieces on the new garden so I've been working on this project since the completion of the walled garden at Lingholm in 2016.  Initially, as you do I wondered around and having found a few locations I sat there sketching with pen and watercolour focussing on aspects of the garden and grounds.

Lingholme walled garden West Gate  watercolour sketchbook

I also spent time trying to imagine the garden with planting already full grown with the idea of getting a piece of work that could be made into prints. Though I have painted flowers as a part of a landscape or still life I had never had to focus completely on flowers and vegetables in a  garden let alone one this size.. The hexagonal brick walls were interesting, the antique and real manchester bricks looked good and I was used to them but getting a true perspective drawing was a bit of nightmare. No matter how I tried the angles of the pillars and walls right didn't look right.  In the end my effort looked like a china plate design. I needed more than that to happen. I realised after some time that I was wasting time and effort and resources. I was merely going through a practical exercise of applying paint  and had fallen into the trap off copying nature, colouring in and had effectively put a lid onto my creativity. Thus my work had turned lethargic I hid the drawings and watercolours in a plan chest and I blamed everything but myself for not engendering the right mind. Until I listened to Tchaikovsky one morning as I sat looking out at my garden at home. Interestingly the 37-year-old Tchaikovsky writes:

"Do not believe those who try to persuade you that composition is only a cold exercise of the intellect. The only music capable of moving and touching us is that which flows from the depths of a composer’s soul when he is stirred by inspiration. There is no doubt that even the greatest musical geniuses have sometimes worked without inspiration. This guest does not always respond to the first invitation. We must always work, and a self-respecting artist must not fold his hands on the pretext that he is not in the mood. If we wait for the mood, without endeavouring to meet it half-way, we easily become indolent and apathetic. We must be patient, and believe that inspiration will come to those who can master their disinclination."

A few days ago I told you I was working every day without any real inspiration. Had I given way to my disinclination, undoubtedly I should have drifted into a long period of idleness. But my patience and faith did not fail me, and to-day I felt that inexplicable glow of inspiration of which I told you; thanks to which I know beforehand that whatever I write to-day will have power to make an impression, and to touch the hearts of those who hear it. I hope you will not think I am indulging in self-laudation, if I tell you that I very seldom suffer from this disinclination to work. I believe the reason for this is that I am naturally patient. I have learnt to master myself, and I am glad I have not followed in the steps of some of my Russian colleagues, who have no self-confidence and are so impatient that at the least difficulty they are ready to throw up the sponge. This is why, in spite of great gifts, they accomplish so little, and that in an amateur way."  Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (May 7, 1840–November 6, 1893) wrote to his benefactress, Nadezhda von Meck, in March of 1878, found in The Life and Letters of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (public library | public domain). Taken from Brain Pickings

Tchaikovsky' letter written about musicians also relates to the painter and I gave myself a verbel ticking off and a kick up the whats it. I had to rethink my work ethic and be less prescribed..  I began to move away from making a copy of what I saw by painting the garden in its entirety as Cezanne said "whats the point". to getting into and focussing on sections that I liked found interesting from a visual point of view ie colour form or structure.  This enabled me to get creative and I  started to upgrade the planting in my garden at home in Brinscall Lancashire so I could sit and paint and watch and learn. I have now managed to produce out of a dozen or more sketches and pochades en plein air three works of a reasonable size and a number of pochards in oils. This process was helped by looking at Sargents excellent watercolours and also greatly by acquiring a book amazing artist Joaquin Sorolla the Spanish Post Impressionist. Joan Eardley and John Piper.

Image result for joan eardley landscapes
Joan Eardley Summer Fields 

Image result for john piper artist
John Piper Scotney Castle 

I have some work left to do but I hope to be able to upload some completed work by the end of the week. Its all a part of the journey......

Lingholm Garden Outside the main gate in Spring 2017

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Thursday, 3 August 2017

A painting of the Lake District titled " Herberts Island Derwentwater" 24x30cm prints available Lake District artist Rob Miller

A painting of the Lake District titled " Herberts Island" 24x30cm prints available artist Rob Miller

One of my favourite places to paint are the islands in Derwentwater  a constant amazing view whichever way the boats stern points to as you row. Also they are home to one of  my favourite childhood books Swallows and Amazons. This one was painted a couple of years ago and I aim to get back to Lingholm to make some summer paintings from the same locations. Prints are available from the Lingholm Walled Garden and Cafe  and also directly from myself on my shop page. You can also look at the process that I went through when Painting of the Derwentwater Fells Triptych which measure 2x 2 metres x6 metres. The images and some write up are on the same site as the print shop here's a link to the  home page.  If you fancy a go Boat hire can be done at the Derwentwater steamers.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

A painting of the northern lakeland fells entitled "Blencathra Storm" Rob Miller oil on board

A painting of the northern lakeland fells entitled "Blencathra Storm" Rob Miller oil on board 

As resident artist at Lingholm I was lucky enough to take a walk every morning through the woodlands in the  Lingholm Estate and walk down and along the open lake shore..its a thing that Beatrice Potter used to do whilst carrying her watercolours...on this day with the wind at storm force would beatrice have been there mmm I bet she would...why? because it was such an adventure  a treat to see and paint  Blencathra and her stoic bulk and ridges across a wind lashed lake..defined through tattered eyes and damned's my attempts to paint scratch push pull spit at  the weathered scoured blasted wind burnt and cursed slapped paint  on board...

I've been looking at these for a while and do you know what..I'm going up to Lingholm to make some more...painting on Derwentwater's shores is living..and I'm missing it

Thursday, 27 July 2017

A painting of Lancashire titled "The Beach at St Anne's Summertime" Lancashire Coast oil on board 24x30cm artist Rob Miller

A painting of Lancashire titled "The Beach at St Anne's Summertime"
Lancashire Coast  oil on board 24x30cm artist Rob Miller

There's nothing better than sea air to get your mind sorted and if a painters actions are psychotic ( Im refering to my last blog and the book by James Elkins "What painting is " then St Annes Beach is the best place to get level headed.) Theres also nothing better than gaining a commission to paint such a wonderful place especially when the commissioner loves the Fylde Coast sky as much as I do and misses it so much..

This is one of a series of studies from Lytham down to Rossall getting to terms with a view that encompasses the sky and a view of the distant fells.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

A painting of the Lake District titled "Castle Crag Derwentwater oils 24x30cm Lake District Artist Rob Miller

A painting of the Lake District titled "Castle Crag Derwentwater oils 24x30cm
Artist Rob Miller

A favourite location for painters since the 18C. A short excursion down stream from the Lingholm Estate Keswick brings you to the Mary Mount Hotel. Park there and follow the lovely view of the delta and lake shore were Derwentwater shimmers in the morning sun...keep on walking and you come to a bridge across the River Derwent and a splendid view south towards Castle Crag. This small painting 30x24 was painted in oils on board. the hotel makes a nice cup of teas but I have to say that can't be beaten.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Painting en plein air at art competition create Longridge UK 2016-17

I've face booked this post for two years running but realised that there are many folk who don't use facebook and I wish I was one of them it wastes so much time and is so much less informative than even a badly written blog like mine.

A painting of Lancashire Longridge Fells Kemple End oil on canvas
Picture House Padiham Gallery 

Longridge and Ribchester have long been old family favourites for a sketching trip, or a drive and later dinner out and more lately happy memory journeys of those Roelee days Mum trips. So it was nice to spend time there as part of Create Longridge  2016 and 2017. The brain child of Alistair who owns and runs the  Longridge Gallery  which is siutauted on the towns main street.

I entered a competition called Create Longridge, for the second time.  I had entered because I wanted to meet other painters,  which I did and it was great and have a chat with painters which I did all about paint which was great. The rain kind of stopped any amazing interaction and surely though Steve Rostron the eventual winner and I pitched up together on the top of the moor any starting conversation on the merits of composition colour and form became subdued under a formless wet mist. This was a great shame for at Padiham a couple of weeks before people had chatted that much about paint that we forgot to paint.

 I don't normally do competitions they are the antipathy of what painting is about for me. But prize money is money, money, it makes the world go round. A lot of artists, of all different persuasions and experiences  seemed to have planned their painting location etc and even went and practiced the weeks before. Art Competitions like this are all a bit strange because the only rule was in fact to turn up and paint and be judged though there aren't any criteria set except to paint. The subject matter was anything  in a mile radius of Longridge.  I'm not sure whether if its a competition thats a valid enough rule. As such all the painters duly turned up and painted anything. Perfectly normal behaviour to painters but not to the on lookers who asked what we were painting and when we gave different replies looked baffled.. If the onlookers want to know about painting they should read  the work of James Elkins who wrote about the painting process in What Paintings Is  describing painting and the studio or I suppose anywhere paint and support meet as a kind of psychosis. Im not sure how to judge psychos.

Sadly for the second year running the weather was typically poor English summer so the rain fell in that deceptively Lancashire wet mist way..that leaves no spot dry after a few minutes.

I turned up late as ever on both days 2016 and 2017 paid my £10 and  had my board stamped before returning it to my mabef pochade box. As ever I was totally unpracticed or prepared but lets life life on the edge.. For some strange reason two years running I also headed out to the top of the moor and duly got rained off. In 2016 I painted curled up in the car boot and produced Birks farm which I handed in but must check what happened to it.

A painting of Lancashire Birks Farm Longridge Fell by Rob Miller

In 2017 I produced a picture of Birks lane working alongside Steve who had already been rained of once earlier in the day and was bordering psychosis. It went okay at first I painted as quick as I could and then hey when things had just started going well the Lancashire mist struck like a wetted knife. Within the half hour my painting had ruined and Steve's  was not far behind..mind you he was painting on a daringly large canvas and his earlier acrylic work had seeped into it. We abandoned camp when the rain turned even wetter like a couple of wet poodles... I drove back into town then not finding inspiration I felt that I had had enough and went home,  whereas Steve the eventual winner of first prize carried on in some sheltered spot. A couple of days later I had just about dried out and gotten rid of my cold from the rainy day at #CreateLongridge; I went into my garage and lo to my surprise halleluiah; my little painting from the day was dry..... so; 20 minutes later and hey "nothin but blue skies" has emerged. I dedicate this to #SteveRostron Im proud to have painted next to the days winner...Now then, next year I must pack 15 umbrellas, 20 ponchos, 12 tarps, wellingtons, southwester hat, snorkel, flippers, compass, waterproof chocolate, get certified as a competent crew member; bring the wayfarer dinghy and waterproof paints

wet work in oils and rain drying.

lets not waste it lets get gestural
A painting of Birks lane Longridge UK

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

A painting in watercolour of the "Walled Garden in Spring" at the Lingholm Kitchen in the Lake District artist Rob Miller

A painting in watercolour of the "Walled Garden in Spring" at the Lingholm Kitchen
 in the Lake District artist Rob Miller

This is a sneak preview of the first of a series of colourful watercolours of the Lingholm Estates Kitchen walled garden. I began this during a visit at Springtime when the lush greens were just developing and the spring colours were in full show. The shadows of the trees were cooler at this time of the year as was the interior of the garden.Still no sign of Peter rabbit but I am told by a reliable source that the rabbits are plenty full and increasing outside the garden.

Landscape Painting demonstrations and workshops. An acrylic painting of the Lancashire's West Pennine Moors title "Lancashire Summer" artist Rob Miller

A painting of Lancashire titled "Lancashire Summer"  artist Rob Miller

A painting of Lancashire titled "Lancashire Summer"  artist Rob Miller
size 70x70cm acrylic on canvas

A painting of Lancashire titled "Lancashire Summer"  artist Rob Miller detail

A painting of Lancashire titled "Lancashire Summer"  artist Rob Miller detail

Almost a year ago my blog was lost due to the change over from google to Go Daddy. It was a popular blog with over 80,000 hits and good links to pinterest. Ive decided to upload some of the original files so that I can refer to them when I do demonstrations and work shops. I tend to work more in oils now then acrylics so here an acrylic painting from about 8 years ago from the very popular  Lancashire summer series. This particular piece is from my en plein air studies near Rivington Chorley.

The layers of paint laid are quite thinly and allowed to run and pool wherever they land and left as such if their nuances enhance the painting. Textures are defined by working into the washes with palette and brush to produce layers of texture added to by a dry brush technique. Paint is aso flicked and smattered and whole item redrawn with liquitex ink.

If you would like more information on my demonstrations and workshops please visit
email me