Monday, 8 October 2012

Northern urban outskirts 1 Painting by Rob Miller

Painting above Manchester artist Rob Miller
Work in progress inspired by the exhibition I saw  at the Tate in Liverpool, here I am developing an approach that try's to marry Twombly, Turtner and Monet As I work I am trying to get that emotional response to the decay of rural business, farms and homes which are gradually sinking  back into the ground were they appeared from. This seems to occur more in areas away from the urban sprawls or moterways etc.. Other work on the easel concerns similar properties which are closer to towns they are now half hidden in a mass of modern build or exist shiny and new looking in the green belt areas. I am also inspired here more and more by Camile Pissarro's understanding of similar changes in France in the last century. 

My brushwork here is more mixed and intermingled with weak washes of dripped paint, scrumbling, dragging and wiping off the paint layers overlaid with heavier dragged paint. I will have to work hard on myself not to over paint these works I'm reminded in this as I watch the film the lives of others, these dirty old farms cracked walls witnessed the grime of the the last century and the grime of returning decay of the 21st Century whatever the cloth that they wear now...

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Pinturas de Montimor O Novo por Rob Miller

Painting pintura de Montimor O Novo
The Angel Tower Montimor O Novo 
óleo sobre papel
carvalho cortiça 
(árvore do Oriente Médio de onde se faz a cortiça) 
Herdade do Freixo do Meio
óleo sobre papel
Cães andando Freixo, antes da chuva.
Óleo sobre papel
Carvalho Solo cortiça na Herdade do Freixo do Meio.
Óleo sobre papel
Primeiro. Meus agradecimentos a Manuel Casa Branca meu amigo. Eu gostava de Portugal. Évora Montimor um excelente lugar para pintar. Grandes paisagens, árvores maravilhosas, pessoas excelentes. Meus agradecimentos. Espero que as minhas pinturas, humilde como elas são, atender às suas expectativas. Estas são as trilhas primeiro, pintado em Manchester chuvoso, o próximo será melhor. Muito obrigado meus amigos. Seu com respeito Rob Miller

First. My thanks to Manuel Casa Branca my friend. I enjoyed Portugal. Evora Montimor an excellent place to paint. Great landscapes, wonderful trees, excellent people. My thanks. I hope my paintings, humble as they are, meet your expectations. These are the first trails, painted in rainy Manchester, the next will be better. Many thanks my friends. Yours with respect Rob.