Thursday, 14 January 2016

A painting of Rubha Robhanais North Lewis Hebrides. by Rob Miller

Hebrides Sea stack Rubha Robhannais Oils on canvas 30x30cm
Artist Rob Miller

This sea stack seemed a good place to complete a piece that I started painting in early 2015 and a way to re start working again in my studio in the new year. I've always found January a difficult time to paint and become enthused in any work its the dark nights and short days. Over the last few years I've got around this by reading poetry or better still listening to poets read their work. Jaccottet has long been a favourite, his work reflecting and enhancing my sad moods at this time of year. Off late I came across Poetry Aloud a web site full of inspiring works and words. I've attached the first verse of a work by Kenneth Steven, do enjoy..

"This shattered place, this place of fragments,
A play of wind and sea and light,
Shifting always, becoming and diminishing;
Out of nowhere the full brightness of morning
Blown away, buried and lost."