Sunday, 17 June 2012

Painting of Buttermere, Lake District by Rob Miller RSA

Buttermer and Fleetwith Pike in sunshine 40 x50 cm
acrylic canvas
Buttermere the queen of the English Lake District in terms of beauty.  As the Lake District's most famous resident William Wordsworth has observed, there is so much variety in this small area that it is almost a world within itself: "I do not know of any tract of country in which, in so narrow a compass, may be found an equal variety in the influences of light and shadow upon the sublime and beautiful features" (Guide To The Lake

www.robmillerartist.orgs, 1810)

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Painting of Yorkshire Pennines, Ilkley Moor, Cow and calf Crag by Rob Miller RSA

Cow and calf Ilkley Moor
Canvas 50x50cm
The wonderful skies of the Pennines Yorkshire are a treat to paint so much 'sturm und drang' happening and what's best its naturally of natures own accord as Ted Hughes the poet wrote 'the moors are merely a stage for the performance of the skies'; Also its why there is a lovely tea shop just out of view of this painting below the road which does great pies (Jim,  pies and skies this is the place to paint?)

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Painting of Bolton Abbey Wharfedale Yorkshire by Rob Miller RSA

Painting of Wharfedales Bolton Abbey
Bolton Abbey Wharfedale
Acrylic on canvas
painters studio snapshot not for printing
copy write Rob miller

Morning mists rising from the River shroud the fells and a weak late spring sun. Michael Faraday was one of my early inspirational people, as an illustrator of architecture he viewed similar scenes to this as part of his illustrated journeys of  Britain. When I sketched this scene I was much taken with the thought of seeing him perched in a rock in silk stockings breeches and waistcoat, somewhat less tramp like than I was when I started

Paintings of sunlight in the Yorkshire Dales by Lancashire artist Rob Miller

Painting of Littendale Yorkshire by Rob Miller
Littendale Evening Track and cottage
acrylic on canvas  40x30cm
painters studio snapshot not for printing
copy write rob miller
Painting of Dentdale
Dentdale Dappled light
acrylic on canvas
painters studio snapshot not for printing
copy write  rob miller
Farm and viaduct Dentale

Two small cheerful paintings of the Yorkshire Dales destined for Bishops Spa and the Barefoot Gallery. Dappled sun light in this Dale on a late afternoon, this for me is one of the lasting memories of a good day on the fells as we tramp towards the pub. Its here that the Yorkshire dales show their natural poetry, I love the wooded valleys the trees in harmony with the valleys human settlement .visit robs portfolio