Saturday, 22 December 2012

Northern Row 1 A painting of Lancashires uplands by Rob Miller

Farm and workshops Rossendale
Landscape without figures
Northern Row Series 1,Oil , 50cm x 70cm

"Northern Row Landscapes without figures;  The painter sees the absence of people in the painting like an absent or dead friend; they are gone but when he walks through their fields the marks they left on the land provide him with a meeting point in his life;  not only have the people gone but their value systems are now less relevant to life now; if I desire to find a kernel, a seed maybe or a key  to a door that they have left partially open can this be found in the search for beauty;  in the process of painting"  Sketch book notes 

I went to visit the Twombly Monet and Turner exhibition at the Liverpool Tate earlier this year.  The exhibition was a reminder of the debate I held with myself over the search for a sublime narrative to my work. A narrative that would incorporate the passage of time and the life cycle of renewal and decay. Three months later for me the northern row series starts to re-address that debate.  I've layered the paint and used different methods of application during each part of the process, the methods in part selected from Turner, Monet and Twombie. The  layers starting with Twomblie and ending up with Monet. For me the buildings stand as silent, melancholic  reminders of man's exploitation of the land whilst the grasses as ever, are a reminder of natures ability  of self reclamation and recolonization. The colour reproduction from the camera is not the best, the original is a warmer brownish ochre in the pasture by the houses and the field walls a deeper mauve.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

two paintings of the Ribble Valley Rob Miller FRSA

Autumn Ribble,  Pendle viewed from Whalley Nab
50x50cm, Acrylics

Winter Ribble at Sawley, 70x50cm, Acylics
I spent some hours in the studio today  revisiting two works that I dug out from under one of my work tables, the search and change mission was initiated by two oil paintings that  I am working on in the studio, one of Longridge Fell and  the other of Pendle  both viewed from the same spot. I'm trying to capture in both of them, one early spring and the other in mid winter what I call the bright, which is a shifting light as opposed to focussing on a scenes contrast;  

I started  the above works in acrylic,  Autumn Ribble & Pendle, and Winter Ribble at Sawley shortly after I returned from Spain in 2010  as part of a series;  though many of the Ribble Valley paintings in the series found new homes and the two above were popular  I was never happy with them,  so I put them aside,  my issue was that ; by not focusing on contrast and maybe due to poor light in which to paint I had  developed an over dependency  on primary and complimentary colour, which did not do well  when I tried to capture and depict the softer northern tones;  (though the same colours worked wonderfully in summer time and in the Cotswolds spring and Andalusian winter );  Now some years later  after todays efforts the works are informed by split complimentary colours and  a range of tonality created  by a juxtaposition of  earth and mineral based colours. So now I think I have the soft northern tones as well as the bright of sun glimmer  across the Ribbles waters and the flickering rays that however fleetingly make play in the darker lanes in and above the Valley. So, there you are! Voilà monsieur .

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Painting of Lancashire pennine autumn meadows by Rob Miller

Autumn Meadows Pennine Lancashire,oil canvas 50 x50 cm
Its been that kind of wet summer that brings out the best colour in the higher pastures grass lands a deep russet and skies drench with heavy clouds that hang in curtains in front of a damp sun, rain rain and moor rain. 

It is of real interest that in the painting Autumn meadows I have been able without being overly contrived or funnelled by style, to finally introduce together a painterly method which is about the  shared concepts of light and the sublime as energy The Turner, Monet and Twombly was of real interest to me that light is itself a narrative. 


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Paintings of Seathwaite and Grisedale Rob Miller

Two valleys, two views, two seasons, the bottom painting is a view up a wintry Grizedale with Nethermost Pike and St Sunday Crag festooned ready for Christmas with garlands of ice. The top painting is midsummer  looking down into a wet and stormy Seathwaite. They have been long next to my easel in the making but they are both nearly there. Please note that they are studio snaps for my blog taken with my Lumix and not intended for reproduction.

Lancashire artist Rob Miller paints Seathwaite in midsummer rain
Seathwaite mid summer rains oil canvas 40x50cm

Lancashire artist Rob Miller paints Grizedale in Winter
Grizedale Wintry days oil canvas 50x40cm

Monday, 8 October 2012

Northern urban outskirts 1 Painting by Rob Miller

Painting above Manchester artist Rob Miller
Work in progress inspired by the exhibition I saw  at the Tate in Liverpool, here I am developing an approach that try's to marry Twombly, Turtner and Monet As I work I am trying to get that emotional response to the decay of rural business, farms and homes which are gradually sinking  back into the ground were they appeared from. This seems to occur more in areas away from the urban sprawls or moterways etc.. Other work on the easel concerns similar properties which are closer to towns they are now half hidden in a mass of modern build or exist shiny and new looking in the green belt areas. I am also inspired here more and more by Camile Pissarro's understanding of similar changes in France in the last century. 

My brushwork here is more mixed and intermingled with weak washes of dripped paint, scrumbling, dragging and wiping off the paint layers overlaid with heavier dragged paint. I will have to work hard on myself not to over paint these works I'm reminded in this as I watch the film the lives of others, these dirty old farms cracked walls witnessed the grime of the the last century and the grime of returning decay of the 21st Century whatever the cloth that they wear now...

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Pinturas de Montimor O Novo por Rob Miller

Painting pintura de Montimor O Novo
The Angel Tower Montimor O Novo 
óleo sobre papel
carvalho cortiça 
(árvore do Oriente Médio de onde se faz a cortiça) 
Herdade do Freixo do Meio
óleo sobre papel
Cães andando Freixo, antes da chuva.
Óleo sobre papel
Carvalho Solo cortiça na Herdade do Freixo do Meio.
Óleo sobre papel
Primeiro. Meus agradecimentos a Manuel Casa Branca meu amigo. Eu gostava de Portugal. Évora Montimor um excelente lugar para pintar. Grandes paisagens, árvores maravilhosas, pessoas excelentes. Meus agradecimentos. Espero que as minhas pinturas, humilde como elas são, atender às suas expectativas. Estas são as trilhas primeiro, pintado em Manchester chuvoso, o próximo será melhor. Muito obrigado meus amigos. Seu com respeito Rob Miller

First. My thanks to Manuel Casa Branca my friend. I enjoyed Portugal. Evora Montimor an excellent place to paint. Great landscapes, wonderful trees, excellent people. My thanks. I hope my paintings, humble as they are, meet your expectations. These are the first trails, painted in rainy Manchester, the next will be better. Many thanks my friends. Yours with respect Rob.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Paintings of the west coast of Britain by Rob Miller RSA

Painting of the Isle of Skye
Isle of Skye oil on canvas 30x30cm

Painting of Lancashire Coast Line
Humphrey Head Grange Lancashire oil on canvas 30x30cm
Two small oils, part of a new series looking at the west coastline of Britain.  This is something that I have been meaning to do for about 30 years having walked the Cornish Coastal Path, and explored the coasts of Scotland and Wales on land and by sea.The Lancashire and Cumbria coastlines are on home ground s it where. I did plenty of drawings and paintings then in my ketch books and a lot of small watercolours which were shown at the Gallery in Sennon Cove.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Paintings above Bolton near Chapeltown by Lancashire artist Rob Miller

Lancashire summer revisited Painting by Lancashire artist Rob Miller

Painting of Bolton Lancashire
Lancashire summer revisited 

Acrlic Painting near Bolton
Lancashire summer revisited detail 1

Lancashire artist Rob Miller
Lancashire summer revisited detail 2

Lancashire summer revisited detail 3

Lancashire summer revisited detail 4

I've just taken this to the framers for the buyer along with a couple more that he bought last week and it gave me chance to re photograph it to show some of the detail in the work itself. Parts of this are quite abstracted with paint poured, dripped and scratched into to try and recreate the texture and movement of light and form on the high moorland pastures. This work was painted last two summers ago it must have been dryer and warmer then. This year a piece of wet blotting paper would suffice..

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

buy art fair Manchester


Buy Art Fair, 27-30 Sep 2012

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ROB MILLER the elemental north
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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Three paintings from above Manchester Rob Miller

Painting above Manchester
A distant Manchester viewed from
Shooterslee Wood Belmont
oil on canvas

Grane Road Edgeworth Bolton Manchester
Manchester from Broadhead Road Grane
oils on canvas

Painting above Manchester Boltn by Rob Miller
Track wood and summer meadows above Smithills Bolton
oil on canvas

Three paintings above Manchester viewed from the West Pennine Moors begun outdoors and completed this afternoon in the studio at Falcon Mill. Sunshine brings out the artist well some sunshine below threatening clouds, the rain held off, the birds sang their songs and the dancing shadows of the clouds and grasses in the breeze produced that song to Elysium which always gladdens the ears  'an ode to joy'.ode to joy

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Painting of Penyghent Ribblesdale Yorkshire by Rob Miller

Painting of Penyghent
Penyghent acrylics on canvas 50x50cm
This painting is part of what was to be a new Yorkshire Pennine series in acrylic, the series was an attempt to try to move what were becoming two disparate aspects of my painting techniques onto one canvas, the fluid brushwork   wet on wet with a focus on atmosphere through light and form in skies etc and the more studied slightly dryer tighter brush work usually with a larger brush with a focus on atmosphere through light and colour. I wanted to do this without my work becoming over stylised or my subject matter become reduced to specific types of scene.

This work is now becoming affected and consumed under some new developments as I move progressively to working with oils and mixed media (acrylic and oil) Its easier to do so now that I am in a self contained studio space. It will be interesting to see how this change is already affecting my work with all three aspects, form, colour and media in a state of flux. Not withstanding that I also want to keep line a strong element in my work,  lines drawn covered and redrawn,  still remain for me an automatic, gestural and important response to things seen How to do this with oils is interesting for me..

I hope to post some of the new images of work that is currently on the easel in oils by Friday this week;  Ive deliberatly tried to keep the subject matter wide. The work is 5  landscapes of Montemor O Novo Evora in Portugal in oils on paper and canvas, 4 landscapes of small villages and suburbs of the the southern Pennines of England in oils  and a smaller number of Hebrides paintings in mixed media. (acrylics and oils)  I should have some of them completed by then.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Painting of Wharfedale West Yorkshire Rob Miller RSA

Painting of Wharfedale The beech tree
Beeech Tree Wharfedale oil on Paper
Lower Wharfedale has to be one of the most beautiful and stunning of Englands Vales. This particular Beech tree stands at the junction of two paths across the river from the grounds of the once powerful Bolton Abbey. I've attached a link so that you can read about the history of the place. The painting below another oil on paper pictures the river flowing quietly in the deep part of the ravine.

Painting of the River Wharfe
Sunglimmer River Wharfe Yorkshire

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Watercolour paintings of Casares Andalucia Rob Miller RSA

Casares Evening The old tow viewed from across the arryo
watecolour on paper 25cmx35cm

Cork oak by the roadside to La Hermitage Seirra Crestallini
watercolour on paper 25cmx35cm

Just photographed these two pieces that I did last week when in Casares,  both watercolour on the same evening (an hours walk in-between them. Trying to catch the light and inspired by some Japanese painters I came across in the morning. I think I'm making some progress in this medium but its more than likely due to the fact that the drying rate in a Casares summer evening is quick due to a 30C temperature allowing for more experimental the UK drying times are much slower and the work can gets a little bit cloudy.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Paintings of Casares in watercolour by Rob Miller RSA

Watercolour on paper with pencil
Track and cork oak

Tamarisk hot afternoon 39C

Oak tree Los Reales Bermija

Three small watercolours painted in the open during very hot weather in Andalucia I wanted to get the heat in the passage of light in these works which will form the basis of a whole new series in watercolour.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Paintings of Manilva and Casares Andalucia Spain

Painting of Arryo Hondo casares
Arryo Hondo Evening Finca  Mixed media

Arryo Hondo casares
Arryo Hondo Casares Restaurante

Arryo Hondo near Finca Cortisan
Arryo Hondo Summer 

Great to be back even if it was only for three weeks painting in the Arroyo Hondo. For more work please visit my online gallery 

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Painting of Buttermere, Lake District by Rob Miller RSA

Buttermer and Fleetwith Pike in sunshine 40 x50 cm
acrylic canvas
Buttermere the queen of the English Lake District in terms of beauty.  As the Lake District's most famous resident William Wordsworth has observed, there is so much variety in this small area that it is almost a world within itself: "I do not know of any tract of country in which, in so narrow a compass, may be found an equal variety in the influences of light and shadow upon the sublime and beautiful features" (Guide To The Lake

www.robmillerartist.orgs, 1810)

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Painting of Yorkshire Pennines, Ilkley Moor, Cow and calf Crag by Rob Miller RSA

Cow and calf Ilkley Moor
Canvas 50x50cm
The wonderful skies of the Pennines Yorkshire are a treat to paint so much 'sturm und drang' happening and what's best its naturally of natures own accord as Ted Hughes the poet wrote 'the moors are merely a stage for the performance of the skies'; Also its why there is a lovely tea shop just out of view of this painting below the road which does great pies (Jim,  pies and skies this is the place to paint?)

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Painting of Bolton Abbey Wharfedale Yorkshire by Rob Miller RSA

Painting of Wharfedales Bolton Abbey
Bolton Abbey Wharfedale
Acrylic on canvas
painters studio snapshot not for printing
copy write Rob miller

Morning mists rising from the River shroud the fells and a weak late spring sun. Michael Faraday was one of my early inspirational people, as an illustrator of architecture he viewed similar scenes to this as part of his illustrated journeys of  Britain. When I sketched this scene I was much taken with the thought of seeing him perched in a rock in silk stockings breeches and waistcoat, somewhat less tramp like than I was when I started

Paintings of sunlight in the Yorkshire Dales by Lancashire artist Rob Miller

Painting of Littendale Yorkshire by Rob Miller
Littendale Evening Track and cottage
acrylic on canvas  40x30cm
painters studio snapshot not for printing
copy write rob miller
Painting of Dentdale
Dentdale Dappled light
acrylic on canvas
painters studio snapshot not for printing
copy write  rob miller
Farm and viaduct Dentale

Two small cheerful paintings of the Yorkshire Dales destined for Bishops Spa and the Barefoot Gallery. Dappled sun light in this Dale on a late afternoon, this for me is one of the lasting memories of a good day on the fells as we tramp towards the pub. Its here that the Yorkshire dales show their natural poetry, I love the wooded valleys the trees in harmony with the valleys human settlement .visit robs portfolio

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Paintings of the Pendle Twiston district of Lancashire Oil on paper

Pendle Forest  Twiston Autumn Study
oil on paper
painters studio snapshot not for printing
copyright  rob miller

Pendle Forest Twiston Winter Study
oil on paper
painters studio snapshot not for printing
copyright  rob miller

Pendle Forest Twiston Spring Study
painters studio snapshot not for printing
copyright  rob miller

A selection of three small oil on paper studies from a series that I have been doing on the Pendle Forest area. They were painted in and around the hamlet of  Twiston above Downham which lies below the bulk of Pendle Hill. Set on a rising blunt ridge that points towards the Yorkshire three peaks Twiston has a mix of views from open moorland with open aspects across to the Yorkshire Dales in the north and the Irish sea in the south, to private wooded glades and splashing brookes. I found it a quiet beautiful spot to paint and wander at will.

Oil is a challenging medium for the outdoors practice practice practice is the keyhttp://rob-miller.orgLancashire Artist Rob Miller original paintings of Lancashire