Monday, 26 October 2015

Solomons Temple Farm, Brinscall. Oil painting by Rob Miller

Solomons Temple Farm Oil Painting

This is a re worked oil painting of Solomons Temple Farm across the valley from Brinscall in the West Pennines Moors, I originally took a stance near the farm and painted it some years ago. I wasn't happy with it. I had wanted to capture the sunny day, with a fresh breeze, the rising lark and early spring light that you get in a place like this when the edge of the moors looks directly onto the Lancashire plain and across the silver sea of Morecambe Bay to Cumbria.  My interest in the painting was also renewed after I read the Lost Farms of Brinscall,   by David Clayton.   Walking is the way I get my inspiration for my work and the view and walk across this moor past this farm and onto the 'lonely tree' of Botany Bay Farm from my Brinscall Studio is one of my favorites. I am primarily interested in a visual response to these lost places but I have to admit to a nagging curiosity about the lives of the people who worked and lived there. If your interested in this I can recommend Davids book and a blog site is very informative with some great images. You can see more of my West Pennine works on my web site.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Oil painting Demonstration Hutton Art Society

Demonstration Borrowdale oil on linen paper
Rob Miller
This demonstration focussed on the use of colour and tone to create structure in a Landscape painting. I deliberately chose a composition which was dominated by water and sky so that the brush marks would need to create form.   I also included the use of a variety of paint colour mixes to create a vibrant scene and demonstrated how during successive layers of the work the brush marks become stronger and directional which further enhances.

Many thanks for the good conversations on painting and for the tea and chocolate  biscuits . Rob