Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Lancashire Art walks . A painters sketch book . Heights Farm and Wheelton Moor . 1

Hi and welcome to what I hope will become a regular feature of this blog and a return to a simular format of exploration in my earliest blogs adecade ago lost thanks to google, 

As a landscape painter and artist my woork is based on my walks and on my sketchess I rely on my remembered anecdotes and narratives, they are my way of recording and exploring the visual world around me. This works in a number of ways . one it helps me remember in a physical way my journeys te feel of wind sun colour shape and form and two the poetry of place of location and how the placement of one elemental part of nature reacts in our feelings to it and to others.


Well it's winter solstice time which is a time when I tend to sit and flick through my Northern Walks sketchbook. I was a bit surprised that I seem to have spent less time on it this year. Im not sure why that is, probably due to getting a new 30cl backpack and forgetting to keep my sketching gear in it...Anyhow here's three pages one from early summer, one from autumn. and one from winter. Happy Yule tide to everyone...get the old holly boughs into your homes, light your ash log give positive thought for natures and our survival...looks like we need to do that a lot more and follow the old ways because the new ones don't look to hot at the moment...most of al yippee the days are going to get longer from now on..

early summer Heights Farm Lane watercolour 20x15cm

Autumn on the track  by Withnell Villa watercolour 20x15

Winter by the Lonely Tree Millstone Ege watercolour 20x15cm