Friday, 30 September 2011

Oil painting of Great Gable and Haystacks by Rob Miller RSA

Great Gable from Haystacks
Oil on Canvas
30x30 cm
The bed and breakfast in Borrowdale,  Leath House just after the Borrowdale Hotel was not only wonderfully decorated and furnished but was also full of original artwork from Cumbria and from the Scilly Isles a 70x70 cm, very fresh   painting of surf sun and gorse; The North West and the South West two of my favourite places to paint, and the B&B breakfast room an inspirational way to start the day alongside my veggie breakfast and coffee. A sketchy drive over Honister Pass and into the chaos of Buttermere  parking patrolled by a family of Black cats. A dryer day on Sunday and a walk up Fleetwith Pike and onto Haystacks and the complex craggy summit  full of colour and people. I was glad to perch my bottom on a nice flat rock spread my painting gear out and do some work. Acrylics are a great medium to use outdoors as they dry so quickly and can be used alongside inks, pastels charcoal and whatever to paint sunshine, fantastic views, couple that with some French bread and Brie, and viva everything Haystacks is great. Sketch book notes 25/02/11

Oil painting of the River Dudden by Rob Miller RSA

River Dudden Seathwaite
Oil on canvas

A quiet pool in the verdant River Dudden below Seathwaite (After the gorge and packhorse bridge) on a very rainy day, wrong quiet for me maybe, no tourists to disturb the lonely meanderings of my brush and my thoughts but hey for the fish its hell down there in this flooded place were the strong currents of the day may well chase away the hardest fly or grub. Lets hear it for the fish,  splishingly well done guys you will survive you will survive..(my sketch book notes are getting loopy...)

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Oil painting of the Dudden Valley in Autumn English Lake District Rob Miller RSA

Dudden Valley Autumn
oil  on Canvas
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A wet August followed by a mixed warm September brings out the best of the beautiful north west and in particular the English Lake District. Unchanged field and agricultural systems and ergo sum flora and fauna; squat solid northern homesteads anchored down in the lee of a rock outcrop and the stoutest Beech, Ash and Oak towering above them nearly as high as the fells showering colour like Vincent's stars. These are rare places that have millions of visitors and a high real estate value and that's why like the moors of the South West Peninsular and the forest of Deane national parks they need protecting,