Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Skiddaw, Lingholm Derwentwater Fells triptych

Lingholm Scafell is now complete, the photograph is yellow-er than the original which is more sepia and ochre in its hue. Skiddaw is always seen as a monolithic brooding, mountain standing at over 3000' mostly covered in mists or an indistinct haze. Its taken a time in the painting and exploring both its bulk and its intimate enchanting airy locations.

Skiddaw Acrylics Rob Miller RSA

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A painting of Lancashires Loud Valley by Rob Miller

Looking Across Lancashire Loud Valley from Jeffrey Hill
oil on Canvas 1 metre square Rob Miller
This view was one of my mum and dads favourites many years ago when we used to go for a car outing in the Ribble Valley. The other side of Jeffrey Hill has a great view of Pendle and across to the Pennines. My Dad couldn't drive so any chance he had to get out and about was special. This particular piece is a commission for a couple who have special memories of the view and I've really enjoyed painting it. I may carry on to work on a series next year. Please visit my web site

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Lingholms' Derwentwater Fells The large canvas

First stages of drawing and under painting
using Pip Seymour acrylics

Two of the 6 canvas's arrived yesterday evening, from Harris Canvas suppliers and canvas stretchers. http://www.harrismoorecanvases.co.uk. Harris  also stock the acrylic paint that I am using which is made by artist and paintm aker Pip Seymour in his Horeton in Ribblesdale workshop. ,http://www.pipseymour.co.uk. 

I picked up a Thames radial easel from Ken Bromleys just outside Bolton, the price was excellent. http://www.artsupplies.co.uk.  Pairing two eaels together appears to hold a large central canvas well enough. There is a small amount of bounce when working on them with broad brush strokes  but not to much. The other issue is that I will have to find a way of lifting the canvas when I'm working on the lower parts if I want to be painterly and gestural. It was an exciting moment getting them out of the boxes and getting used to their weights and size. I'm still awaiting delivery of some large extra sized brushes from Great Art. 

Sketchbook notes

"The final linen canvas arrived,  late yesterday afternoon, from Harris. They were gleaming, daunting,  pristine and very white. Heavy, they seemed, as Ken the Head Gardner carried them, with assistance through Derwents door, on past the remnants of  Lord Rochdale’s library  and into the old chapel room which had been allocated to me as a studio.  I unpacked them carefully and solitary rearranged the canvas’s, easels and studio into some kind of new order.  I guessed this would suite my crusade on their bulk, and despoilment of their virginal state.  Now, I just needed the will. By late evening I was done preparing and after a last look at the mornings task.  I retired for a meal at the Swinside |Inn.  I promised myself an early start and so left the cheer of the bar to get back to Lingholm and bed. Early this morning I awoke to the sound of battle as the westerly winds  wrestled, scoured and  thrust against the old walls of |Lingholm. Stepping through dim dark I looked out of the window towards Skiddaw and saw naught but  a distant light that flickered and shone dimly across the water, through a mesh of whipped branches. Blam-wham the wind hit my window before scurrying away through the tall chimneys leaving a horizontal slide of water against the pane. Today was a painter’s day. Gone were the pale blue skies of summer, the wimpiest, innocent, lapping of small waves and the dancing polite drift of autumnal leaves. Here was a day of drang und stern high drama. Autumn blown horns herald winter and I was of no doubt,  the Gods of the north had arrived and the canvas waited."

Monday, 29 September 2014

Lancashire Pennine new paintings by Rob Miller Lancashire Artist

Pennine Farm above Dent
oil on board 24x30

Above Downham
oil on board 24x30

Pendle from Black Moss
oil on board 24x30
Three northern scenes which are off to the Water Street gallery in Todmorden. I enjoyed working on all three which are all from I think relate to three different parts of Lancashire the ridges of Dent and Saddleworth just outside Oldham, the broad sweep of the Ribble Valley looking down from above Downham and a view across to Pendle from Black Moss.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Winter show at the Arterier Gallery Lancaster Rob Miller Pochades en plein air

List of works 
Sunny day below Burton Wood River Lune oil on board 24x30cm
Mist clearing above Scot Hollins oil on board 24x30cm
River Lune Springtime oil on board 24x30cm
Low tide Lune Estuary Late Spring oil on board 24x30cm
Morecombe sunsetting oil on board 24x30cm
Mad March on Crag Lane Lune Valley oil on board 24x30cm
Morning mist Dales Barn oil on board 24x30cm
Lune Gold by the river oil on board 24x30cm
Autumns here Thrushmore plantation oil on board 24x30cm
Autumnal Lune oil on board 24x30cm

Monday, 8 September 2014

Autumn Exhibition at Water Street Todmorden

  David Archer  -  Chris Czainski Paul Czainski  -  Jackie Denby
Janine Denby  -  Liza Dracup -  Paul Finn   -   Mike Holcroft
Gavin Lavelle  - Barry Midgley  -  Rob Miller
Barry de More -   Lisa Naylor  - Duncan Pearson
Sara Philpott  - Stephen Rothwell -  Stuart Royce - Pip Seymour
Margaret Shield -  Ian Taylor -  Malcolm Taylor - David Thomas
Rebecca Wallace-Jones - Richard Wincer  - David Wiseman - Peter Yankowski 

Sunday, 7 September 2014

The view from Lord Rochdales Rooms Lingholm Portinscale

The view from Lord Rochdales rooms Lingholm
Oil on paper Rob Miller

The view from Lord Rochdales Rooms Lingholm Portinscale, (which is curently being remade as a  luxury apartment to rent at Lingholm) has a magical view from the mullion stone windows across the lawns and down to the Lake. I stayed here for a couple of nights which was a very pleasant experience. 

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Derwentwater Fells triptych south Borrowdale Gates

The second of the modellos under-drawing  for the North wall of the Stone room shows Catbells, Skiddaw and Causey Pike. The painting is in pencil, inks and acrylics on canvas scaled to size. The completed work will be 2 metres  x 6 metres. This one looks at the central Borrowdale Gates and the views down the Borrowdale valley viewed from the right side of Great Bay. On either side are the main crags towering in rocky and steep profusion over the small houses that cling above the Lake shore. On the left we have shepherds painted from the perimeter of the the Lakes great Bay and on the right we have Blea Crag sitting high on the Fell with Goat Crag below it both massive bulks of twisted rock above the village of Grange hidden in the trees along with the tumbling Broadslack Gill and Ellers Beck. see Rob Miller at Lingholm

Detail Above Ladore under-painting of final tyrptych

Monday, 1 September 2014

Derwentwater Fells Triptych North

The first of the modellos under-drawing  for the North wall of the Stone room shows Catbells, Skiddaw and Causey Pike. The painting is in pencil, inks and acrylics on canvas scaled to size. The completed work will be 2 metres  x 6 metres.  I am satisfied so far that I have the volume of the felss is about right and that especially for Skiddaw I've just about managed to get a hold on the topography with the focus on Grey Crags. Whatever the changing light Skidddaw is a fine looking fell due to its great height and mass but it does lack the more athletic looks of the Coledale group and its handsome neighbour  Blencathra. ..next stages are much more fun for me as as the studio gets messy and the paint flows. Turner discovered that mountains and fells look better early in the morning or late in the evening when the shadows are long Heaten Cooper and others exploited this as well. My route to finding this was more personal, caused by a lack of an ability to sleep as the sun blistered through the windows of Lord Rochdales room above the stone room at 5am throughout August. 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Lingholm Derwent water Fells triptych

Design 2 for the south wall which created three nearly the same sized canvas's with Borrowdale Gates summer morning .  in the centre..summer colours maybe to green? 

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Lingholm Derwent water Fells

Working in the studio behind the Stone Room

Modello under painting of Causey Pike.
This is my attempt to capture the craggy nature of the fell
and its undeniable steepness. You can see the boat house peeping from
behind the Lingholm island on Derwent water
as I rowed out
Causey Pike at Dawn, seen from behind the
 Lingholm islands Acrylics on canvas. 
Catbells autumnal splendour viewed from the
Lake acrylics on paper. Now completed.
Catbells viewed from opposite the boathouse, a favourite peak
and walk of many. The clearing of some of the woodland
 has made a better
view of some of the Lingholm Estates
beautiful tree species.
Skiddaw underdrawing in pen on canvas
This is the centre of the northern wall  tryptych
Here Im looking at the significant bulk and steepness of Skiddaw
and its associated fells plus the Grey Crags towering above the
Lake and Keswick town.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Lingholm Derwentwater Fells Causey Pike and Catbells two paintings by Rob Miller

 Catbells in autumn with mists
aprox 48"x24" acrylic on oil paper

 Causey Pike One Summer morning 5am
acrylics on paper

Exploring different aspects of the fells, now in full colour working with Pip Seymour acrylics, different seasons Autumn and Summer

Lingholm Derwentwater Fells Studio developement

Causey Pike Woodland and Lakeside Cropped image

Causey Pike Woodland and lakeside

The Derwent water studio at Lingholm Portinsacle is now in operation. Beneath the Derwent Water Apartment the room has great views of the Lake, gardens and woodland. Its great to be on site working on some larger scale pieces. 

Before I prepared the paper support for the piece above, I spent a couple of days in the rowing boat offshore  looking and sketching the woodland and all the different tree species. 

Derwent Water and Lingholm  is certainly amazing when it comes to trees. Such brilliant well presented examples of the pine species amongst others. I have had a constant debate about the visual importance of the woodland versus fell grass fern and crag and the best way to represent such bio diversity in my painting. 

Though Causey Pike is the main lofty feature of the piece viewed from near Lingholm Island I still wanted  to present Lakeland woodland in its glory. Although this work out sketch is unfinished, acrylic on paper. ( aprox 6' wide by 6' high) working on this size   (about a third larger than the finished piece)  allowed me to explore the complexity of the woodland and the variation of basic mark making, colour,  form and line needed. As always Pip Seymours acrylics were up to the task of enabling good colour mixing with coverage when needed both impasto and thin wash.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Yorkshire Gold Widdop Summer oil painting by Rob Miller

Widdop Summr 40 x 30 cm aprx
oil on canvas

Una vieja casa de campo en el bosque cerca de Montimor Watercolor painting by Rob Miller

Una vieja casa de campo en el bosque cerca de Montimor
Watercolour on paper
45x25 cm aprox
I made this painting a couple of weeks ago and have just managed to find it and photo it, a nice rolling hill
part of the Alentejo Montado. Abandoned farms,dirt roads and the forest alive with sounds.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Wensleydale Autumn

Wensleydale Autumn
The second in the Wensleydale print series soon of to the Wensleydale Gallery in Leyburn.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Wensleydale Spring Tour the France by Rob Miller

Wensleydale Spring
I started to paint this work along with a number of Pochades in Wensleydale for display in the gallery at Leyburn. The series contain 6 works that are focussed along the valley is it climbs towards Cumbria. Its a wonderful quiet very English valley with its tidy fields,high moors, sparkling river and large castles. It will be a busier next weekend as the Tour de France will be passes through.

Lingholm The Derwent Fells, a watercolour by Rob Miller RSA

Exploratory water colour paintings for the Lingholm Triptych

The Derwentwater Fells.

Lingholm The Derwent Fells,
A watercolour painted en plein air from a boat near Derwent Island and then from the Island itself (due to a strengthening wind and the fact that my small boat was directly in the path of the Derwent launches which raced quickly past me.
Rob Miller at The Lingholm Estate. 
Lingholm The Derwent Fells
A watercolour painted en plein air looking across Uzzicar to Little Dale.
 Rob Miller at The Lingholm Estate.
Lingholm  Derwent Fells Watercolour painted en plein air from off  Lingholm Island
Rob Miller at The Lingholm estate

Lingholm Catbells  A watercolour painted just off Lingholm Island
Rob Miller at the Lingholm estate

 The Derwent Fells make for a pleasant high walk in the northern Lakes District with stunning views across to its loftier neighbours inBorrowdale and Buttermere. The Derwent Fells include the following fells,  Hindscarth, Dale Head Crags, High Spy, Robinson and Litteldale Edge. Coledale a part of the ancient County of Cumberland makes for good painting country. It is more easily accessible than Borrowdale and yet the road up to Newlands Hause and  Buttermere is less busy. The pass has some nice places where the artist can stop and paint the fells en plein air or walk up easily graded valley paths. The shapes are interesting and when viewed together with Causey Pike, the Litteldale Crags and High Spy look distant and mountainous.

 I painted this particular view of the Derwent Fells from Derwent Isalnd,  Lingholm the country holiday destination of Beatrice Potter is nestling by the far shore, you can make out its boat house on the far right hand side of the painting, a good ten minutes row away in the white boat Lingholm 1. Derwent Island is the only inhabited island on the lake. Once owned by the monks of Fountains Abbey, it was the home of German miners working in the area in Elizabethan times. The island and its house, has, since the 1950's, been in the ownership of the National Trust and is open to the public five days a year. For information on the grade 2 listed Lingholm built by Sir Alfred Waterhouse and staying there as guests of the Seymour Family please go to https://thelingholmestate.co.uk/,   for details of the houses history go to  http://www.lyonandturnbull.com/pdf/393A.pdf

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Lingholm the Derwent Fells. Watercolour from a boat by Rob Miller

 Catbells watercolour viewed from across the Lake from Lingholm

A preparatory water colour painting for the Lingholm Triptych The Derwentwater Fells.

Painting is easier on dry land than on water that's a fact, the wind, moved the boat wherever it willed, the Derwentwater Launches which travel at quite a speed caused huge waves which rocked the rowing boat, and a boat full of  healthy and fit young Lady holiday makers almost rammed and boarded my vessel to see my painting in progress. I persevered and when the painting was finished I made my way ashore and landed myself and my painting kit onto the stony shore of Derwent Island.  In the distance you can see Lingholms Islands and Boat house, with the main house hidden by trees. For details please go to https://thelingholmestate.co.uk  . Later this week I hope to upload the work that I did onto this post and make a new post of the painting of the Derwent Fells.