Friday, 20 January 2012

Watercolour Painting of Striding Edge

Striding Edge
A part of the British mountain moods series; which represents the four main upland areas of Britain, 
these two are from Cumbria England

Morning clouds clearing  Striding Edge
Original paintings by Rob Miller RSA: Prints/originals are available from Artisan Studio Bolton United Kingdom.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Oil Paintings of Pendle Lancashire witches country

Two country Lane views Rimington and Twiston
Pendle, Lancashire, UK
Oil on paper
25 cm x18 cm

These two Ribble Valley paintings are both views of the quiet country lanes below Pendle Hill and to its North West,  the top one is a view from Twiston Lane and the lower painted earlier in the day is a view along Rimington Lane. The day was overcast with the kind of silver mist that you get around Pendles bulky shadow, I thought that I'd work in oil on paper which is a departure from my normal practice, the paint is applied loosely well mixed and watered with turps substitute. I'm glad I made the change to oil on paper as I found it a delight to paint with and much easier than watercolour. 

Incidentally can anyone tell me why Pendle is given Hill as a descriptor when all around we have fells and moors? A free small sketch of the above scene for the correct answer which as yet I honestly don't know so I suppose you could tell me anything. 

Finally if your interested I will be doing a workshop on this form of painting oil and pencil on paper  in February from my studio in Bolton  please contact me. Rob

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Painting of Casares Andalucia on canvas

Casares Moor Castillo
Sketches in charcoal and watercolour
from the Andalusia sketch book
alongside two paintings both in acrylic on canvas 

Its great to be sat painting and sketching in a sun baked field with a magnificent view of a white village surmounted by a Moorish castle,  high above the hazy Mediterranean sea. This warm Casares mid winter  light, simply bounces of everything defining all in great detail.  Its such a different prospect for the painter to paint here in mid winter than in the Mancunian Mersey basin and the mid English Pennines where my studio is,  no wonder the starlings make their annual trip through this place, but though this mid winter  light is brighter and more daunting to paint,  it is not that far removed from the drama of the  sparkling sea and skies along the northern coastlines  of Britain;  which is I think, (apart from the raids inland along the rivers lakes and high lands)  where you will find me this coming year....seeking out the light and the poetry of its beauty