Thursday, 31 July 2014

Lingholm Derwentwater Fells Causey Pike and Catbells two paintings by Rob Miller

 Catbells in autumn with mists
aprox 48"x24" acrylic on oil paper

 Causey Pike One Summer morning 5am
acrylics on paper

Exploring different aspects of the fells, now in full colour working with Pip Seymour acrylics, different seasons Autumn and Summer

Lingholm Derwentwater Fells Studio developement

Causey Pike Woodland and Lakeside Cropped image

Causey Pike Woodland and lakeside

The Derwent water studio at Lingholm Portinsacle is now in operation. Beneath the Derwent Water Apartment the room has great views of the Lake, gardens and woodland. Its great to be on site working on some larger scale pieces. 

Before I prepared the paper support for the piece above, I spent a couple of days in the rowing boat offshore  looking and sketching the woodland and all the different tree species. 

Derwent Water and Lingholm  is certainly amazing when it comes to trees. Such brilliant well presented examples of the pine species amongst others. I have had a constant debate about the visual importance of the woodland versus fell grass fern and crag and the best way to represent such bio diversity in my painting. 

Though Causey Pike is the main lofty feature of the piece viewed from near Lingholm Island I still wanted  to present Lakeland woodland in its glory. Although this work out sketch is unfinished, acrylic on paper. ( aprox 6' wide by 6' high) working on this size   (about a third larger than the finished piece)  allowed me to explore the complexity of the woodland and the variation of basic mark making, colour,  form and line needed. As always Pip Seymours acrylics were up to the task of enabling good colour mixing with coverage when needed both impasto and thin wash.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Yorkshire Gold Widdop Summer oil painting by Rob Miller

Widdop Summr 40 x 30 cm aprx
oil on canvas

Una vieja casa de campo en el bosque cerca de Montimor Watercolor painting by Rob Miller

Una vieja casa de campo en el bosque cerca de Montimor
Watercolour on paper
45x25 cm aprox
I made this painting a couple of weeks ago and have just managed to find it and photo it, a nice rolling hill
part of the Alentejo Montado. Abandoned farms,dirt roads and the forest alive with sounds.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Wensleydale Autumn

Wensleydale Autumn
The second in the Wensleydale print series soon of to the Wensleydale Gallery in Leyburn.