Sunday, 22 July 2012

Watercolour paintings of Casares Andalucia Rob Miller RSA

Casares Evening The old tow viewed from across the arryo
watecolour on paper 25cmx35cm

Cork oak by the roadside to La Hermitage Seirra Crestallini
watercolour on paper 25cmx35cm

Just photographed these two pieces that I did last week when in Casares,  both watercolour on the same evening (an hours walk in-between them. Trying to catch the light and inspired by some Japanese painters I came across in the morning. I think I'm making some progress in this medium but its more than likely due to the fact that the drying rate in a Casares summer evening is quick due to a 30C temperature allowing for more experimental the UK drying times are much slower and the work can gets a little bit cloudy.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Paintings of Casares in watercolour by Rob Miller RSA

Watercolour on paper with pencil
Track and cork oak

Tamarisk hot afternoon 39C

Oak tree Los Reales Bermija

Three small watercolours painted in the open during very hot weather in Andalucia I wanted to get the heat in the passage of light in these works which will form the basis of a whole new series in watercolour.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Paintings of Manilva and Casares Andalucia Spain

Painting of Arryo Hondo casares
Arryo Hondo Evening Finca  Mixed media

Arryo Hondo casares
Arryo Hondo Casares Restaurante

Arryo Hondo near Finca Cortisan
Arryo Hondo Summer 

Great to be back even if it was only for three weeks painting in the Arroyo Hondo. For more work please visit my online gallery