Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Painting of Penyghent Ribblesdale Yorkshire by Rob Miller

Painting of Penyghent
Penyghent acrylics on canvas 50x50cm
This painting is part of what was to be a new Yorkshire Pennine series in acrylic, the series was an attempt to try to move what were becoming two disparate aspects of my painting techniques onto one canvas, the fluid brushwork   wet on wet with a focus on atmosphere through light and form in skies etc and the more studied slightly dryer tighter brush work usually with a larger brush with a focus on atmosphere through light and colour. I wanted to do this without my work becoming over stylised or my subject matter become reduced to specific types of scene.

This work is now becoming affected and consumed under some new developments as I move progressively to working with oils and mixed media (acrylic and oil) Its easier to do so now that I am in a self contained studio space. It will be interesting to see how this change is already affecting my work with all three aspects, form, colour and media in a state of flux. Not withstanding that I also want to keep line a strong element in my work,  lines drawn covered and redrawn,  still remain for me an automatic, gestural and important response to things seen How to do this with oils is interesting for me..

I hope to post some of the new images of work that is currently on the easel in oils by Friday this week;  Ive deliberatly tried to keep the subject matter wide. The work is 5  landscapes of Montemor O Novo Evora in Portugal in oils on paper and canvas, 4 landscapes of small villages and suburbs of the the southern Pennines of England in oils  and a smaller number of Hebrides paintings in mixed media. (acrylics and oils)  I should have some of them completed by then.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Painting of Wharfedale West Yorkshire Rob Miller RSA

Painting of Wharfedale The beech tree
Beeech Tree Wharfedale oil on Paper
Lower Wharfedale has to be one of the most beautiful and stunning of Englands Vales. This particular Beech tree stands at the junction of two paths across the river from the grounds of the once powerful Bolton Abbey. I've attached a link so that you can read about the history of the place. The painting below another oil on paper pictures the river flowing quietly in the deep part of the ravine.

Painting of the River Wharfe
Sunglimmer River Wharfe Yorkshire