Thursday, 28 July 2016

Painting of a distant Manchester in summer by Rob Miller

A distant Manchester in summer looking down from above Turton
Oil on Board 
When painting up on the Black Hills, a windswept piece of farm land high above Turton, when I'm  listening to the sound of the lark singing it always amazes me that so many people want to live so close together in the Manchester conurbation. I enjoyed painting this particular piece the rows of clouds and the passing shadows sweeping forever westward in line upon line.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Paintings of Pestana Troia Praia Setubal Portugal by Lancashire Artist Rob Mill

Pestana Troia Praia looking South oil on board
Rob Miller RSA

Pestan Triora Praia manha olhando para o norte para Arrabida
oil on board Rob Miller RSA

Its not every day that I am invited to spend time painting an amazing beach just south of Lisbon and asked if I'd like to stay in a luxury eco beach house with a great pool etc etc whilst I paint. Okay, so Portugal won the Euro Cup and England where pathetic that was summer 2016.. There was also Brexit taking place. What a down time.  But the beach and the sun which was outshone by my amazing euro friends!!!   What a great time and what lovely people I have as friends thank you. I hope that you like my humble offerings of these two paintings of the Praia Pestana Troia. Best of summer 2016 to you..Rob #Pestanatrioa #lancashireartist #oilpainting