Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Skiddaw, Lingholm Derwentwater Fells triptych

Lingholm Scafell is now complete, the photograph is yellow-er than the original which is more sepia and ochre in its hue. Skiddaw is always seen as a monolithic brooding, mountain standing at over 3000' mostly covered in mists or an indistinct haze. Its taken a time in the painting and exploring both its bulk and its intimate enchanting airy locations.

Skiddaw Acrylics Rob Miller RSA

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A painting of Lancashires Loud Valley by Rob Miller

Looking Across Lancashire Loud Valley from Jeffrey Hill
oil on Canvas 1 metre square Rob Miller
This view was one of my mum and dads favourites many years ago when we used to go for a car outing in the Ribble Valley. The other side of Jeffrey Hill has a great view of Pendle and across to the Pennines. My Dad couldn't drive so any chance he had to get out and about was special. This particular piece is a commission for a couple who have special memories of the view and I've really enjoyed painting it. I may carry on to work on a series next year. Please visit my web site