Friday, 27 June 2014

Wensleydale Spring Tour the France by Rob Miller

Wensleydale Spring
I started to paint this work along with a number of Pochades in Wensleydale for display in the gallery at Leyburn. The series contain 6 works that are focussed along the valley is it climbs towards Cumbria. Its a wonderful quiet very English valley with its tidy fields,high moors, sparkling river and large castles. It will be a busier next weekend as the Tour de France will be passes through.

Lingholm The Derwent Fells, a watercolour by Rob Miller RSA

Exploratory water colour paintings for the Lingholm Triptych

The Derwentwater Fells.

Lingholm The Derwent Fells,
A watercolour painted en plein air from a boat near Derwent Island and then from the Island itself (due to a strengthening wind and the fact that my small boat was directly in the path of the Derwent launches which raced quickly past me.
Rob Miller at The Lingholm Estate. 
Lingholm The Derwent Fells
A watercolour painted en plein air looking across Uzzicar to Little Dale.
 Rob Miller at The Lingholm Estate.
Lingholm  Derwent Fells Watercolour painted en plein air from off  Lingholm Island
Rob Miller at The Lingholm estate

Lingholm Catbells  A watercolour painted just off Lingholm Island
Rob Miller at the Lingholm estate

 The Derwent Fells make for a pleasant high walk in the northern Lakes District with stunning views across to its loftier neighbours inBorrowdale and Buttermere. The Derwent Fells include the following fells,  Hindscarth, Dale Head Crags, High Spy, Robinson and Litteldale Edge. Coledale a part of the ancient County of Cumberland makes for good painting country. It is more easily accessible than Borrowdale and yet the road up to Newlands Hause and  Buttermere is less busy. The pass has some nice places where the artist can stop and paint the fells en plein air or walk up easily graded valley paths. The shapes are interesting and when viewed together with Causey Pike, the Litteldale Crags and High Spy look distant and mountainous.

 I painted this particular view of the Derwent Fells from Derwent Isalnd,  Lingholm the country holiday destination of Beatrice Potter is nestling by the far shore, you can make out its boat house on the far right hand side of the painting, a good ten minutes row away in the white boat Lingholm 1. Derwent Island is the only inhabited island on the lake. Once owned by the monks of Fountains Abbey, it was the home of German miners working in the area in Elizabethan times. The island and its house, has, since the 1950's, been in the ownership of the National Trust and is open to the public five days a year. For information on the grade 2 listed Lingholm built by Sir Alfred Waterhouse and staying there as guests of the Seymour Family please go to,   for details of the houses history go to

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Lingholm the Derwent Fells. Watercolour from a boat by Rob Miller

 Catbells watercolour viewed from across the Lake from Lingholm

A preparatory water colour painting for the Lingholm Triptych The Derwentwater Fells.

Painting is easier on dry land than on water that's a fact, the wind, moved the boat wherever it willed, the Derwentwater Launches which travel at quite a speed caused huge waves which rocked the rowing boat, and a boat full of  healthy and fit young Lady holiday makers almost rammed and boarded my vessel to see my painting in progress. I persevered and when the painting was finished I made my way ashore and landed myself and my painting kit onto the stony shore of Derwent Island.  In the distance you can see Lingholms Islands and Boat house, with the main house hidden by trees. For details please go to  . Later this week I hope to upload the work that I did onto this post and make a new post of the painting of the Derwent Fells.