Thursday, 19 April 2018

Rob Miller Fine Art Lancashire Coast Commissions

Its more than pleasant to see three of the smaller works that I completed as part of the commission process for my Blackpool Commission finally sharing a wall. Many thanks to Chris Rivers Art for his quality explanation of how to do this.
Landscapes and Seascapes

Headlands A painting of the Kyles of Bute by Rob Miller

Headlands Kyles of Bute
Sometimes when I'm  painting my mind goes back just to the experience of place. On this occasion it was a sailing holiday that I had with friends. We were sailing down the Kyles of Bute on a warm day in a  yacht that we had hired. She was a nearly new 22 foot Sigma. The cabin was cramped with four guys aboard and everything was wet. The previous days had seen us fight through horrendous gales and rain. But today the sun was out and burning through a light sea mist. Sun spots created brightnings on the water and ashore. I can still hear the soft hiss as we sailed slowly in a light wind and I can smell the heather, the drying sea weed at low tide and coffee down below deck. This painting started somewhere else but off to the Kyles Of Bute it sailed. Ive enjoyed that. Its a perfect time in the studio when I put away sketch books and images collected and focus on what's within.

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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Two paintings in oils of Ravenglass Lancashire by rob miller

Ravenglass late autumn high tide 50x50cm

Ravenglass Lancashire late autumn low tide 25x35cm aprox

Here is a short instagram video of work in progress click here
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