Saturday, 23 April 2011

Lancashire Moorland Farm Painting by Rob Miller RSA

Edgerton Farm
In the background, Cumulus clouds bearing rain are brushed under a sleet sky as the temperature warms up, it is late winter; in the landscape  the grass shines bright and wet, in the mid ground is set the semi refurbished farm amidst its building machinery and a new conifer planting, In the foreground a barn lies fully collapsed, it is now just a few heaps of grey stone greened with lichen. This work appearing at Wensleys Gallery, Ramsbottom on the 8th of May 2011 along with the other Lancashire upland pieces. This is the last of my winter moorland farm house paintings on canvas or at least paintings set around the West Pennines; future works will be on paper. Coming soon new projects on the English Lakes, the Dales and Pennines along with the Western Isles the Loire and the Thames.......

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Moody Moors by Rob Miller

Farmlane above Rawtenstall

My penultimate West Pennine scene to post on this blog but I think the second one to paint, worked on in moody March
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Pennine Farms by Rob Miller



Bull Hill
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Friday, 8 April 2011

Ribble Valley Storm A painting by Rob Miller RSA

Ribble Valley Storm
Acrylic on Linen Board
A great sudden upthrust of air drags a cumulus cloud to amazing heights its white vapours shredded by the violence of the air,  early spring on the River Ribble's Ribchester Bridge.

Lancashire Mist Edgworth 2 paintings by Rob Miller RSA

Moorland Mist 2
Acrylic on linen board
Moorland Mist
Acrylic on linen board

Above Edgworth Blackburn early one spring morning, the nights rain is warmed and rises in wriaths high above the open flat moorland and moss. A result of the constant rhythm of seasonal change

Bowfell and Langdales Paintings by Rob Miller RSA

The Langdales from the Band
Watercolour and Mixed media

Bowfell last snow
Watercolour and mixed media

the automn mountain
here or there-
a merlin kli kli kli
rob miller

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Glencoe Painting by Rob Miller RSA

Watercolour pen and ink

Glencoe looking  up to Buchaille
Watercolour pen and ink
Glencoe is without doubt an atmospheric place to paint. I first came here with the  Revd Father Whin on a school trip and still have memories of him striding across the moonlit slopes  of the upper valley in his cassock whilst on a 6th Form Climbing and walking trip back in 1970. The place was quieter than and most folk were climbers. It was brilliant weather and we traversed Aonach eagach, Buchaille and all the peaks in the valley. More paintings of this to follow I cant wait to get painting the place in oils....soon Why have I left it so long mm not sure maybe I was overawed and still am insecure as to how my attempts to paint this magnificent place will turn out....