Thursday, 30 November 2006

new work developing

skipton canal

Rachel and James' Hawaii-moon

Here's a drawing and a sketch of the image that I've done in my sketch book for Rachel and James Hawaii-moon picture. I'm working out sizes now but I think we are going for a box canvas with the image lapped around the side and top edges.
If you want to choose another image let me know quickly.

some examples of other work in Hawaii this is a watercolour with body colour good colours but not really my style

this is a Gauguin nicer deeper colours, but alas I don't have a pic of Rachel or James on a beach

this is after Gauguin again stronger colours if you take a look at the draft at the top I would produce something that lies style wise in between the three examples .

anyway do let me have your opinion as a comment here or email me if you like

Monday, 27 November 2006

new works on the easel

New works in progress on the easel.They represent a change in design and method, the paint in these works is splattered and pasted on with rich deep cobalt blue and yellows contrasted with burnt sienna. I think its bringing out the best of the works that I have been involved with over the past two years and not only does it do that but also re introduces throughout the layers of the work my graphic drawing of houses and perspective which I love doing with a quill pen and ink in particular i like the way that I've been able to redraw straight into fresh paint with the brushes handle.skipton canal church road cut or at least that's what I have named it.

Saturday, 11 November 2006

ancient wet meadow fields sketch book.

rob miller paintings
sketch book work

north west pennine uplands

plan and map of the fields showing areas of interest and artristic endeavor

evening dusk end of a day cool blue
near belmont and bolton
further down near the river
above the wet field level and coming onto walled moorland
detail of the colours of ripening grasslands
a couple of sketches of new conversions on the road above belmont.

rob miller paintings

detail of lancashire dry stone wallers
above bolton rebuilding walls on a hot day
2 paintings acrylic on board
price £256 each
can be seen at the bolton visual arts network gallery
above Spikes James hair salon
Tongue Moor Road Bolton
Stone from the walls had been stolen by local bolton builders for profit and the two volunteers were toiling in the hot sunshine rebuilding whole sections of the wall.
the wall actually lines the edge of an area of special interest, one of the few remaining wet field sytems above the valley to the north west of Bolton. The fields drain into the river which runs down from belmont village once upon a time the deer would make their way grazing down the river almost into the town centre next to areas of urban deprivation , mixing with horses amongst the fields and old ruined mill buildings.
Because of its position its a great place for seeing birds of prey and deer.
this rare area has some beautiful walks that cross open moorland and splendid views towards winterhill across the valley, and downwards towards belmont village and its church.
Amongst all this the local farmer born in the farm some 75 years ago farms on.