Saturday, 25 November 2017

Art Room Macclesfield

Rob Miller The Art Room Grosvenor Centre  Macclesfield Cheshire November- December 2017

For me, making a landscape or a seascape painting is like making a poem, it is both an expression of a feeling and an impression of a place; Whether my focus is the brightening field corner, the running shadows of a stream or the feeling of awe in wild spaces under changing skies I try and portray the sublime in nature.  Working outside, makes this a felt experience. Depending on the nuances of the paint, the wind or the sun, my work finishes somewhere between abstraction and figurative. For me this is part of an almost spiritual occupation full of emotive intensity a journey where the start is never a constant and completion is when it arrives. 

The works featured in this show are selected from a number of themes that I work along.
Western Isles seascapes have a narrative that concerns the Atlantic shore line of Scotland,  the gloaming which is the fleeting northern light, and its echoes in the ebb and flow of the tides. This is my third series focussing on this area.  They have a much diminished human presence.
A long term series focussing on the word ‘Northern’ painted in a format developed by the Impressionists en plein air pochades, They are of found places during my weekend country rambles over hill and dale, past rivers and Lakes. They constitute places explored more deeply and memories concerned with colours. Painted outdoors by Rivers and on Lakes many feature the Lune and Ribble Valleys, Derwentwater and Ulleswater following in Turners and Ruskin’s footsteps.
Yorkshires Gold and Cludders Stack inspired by Ted Hughes poems in his book Elmet they are concerned with summertime along the Lancashire Yorkshire border on the high moors from Bronte Country to Cliviger.
Rob Miller 22-11-2017

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Lancashire Coast-Blackpool North Seascape-Art Commission work in progress

Lancashire Coast-Blackpool North Seascape-Art Commission work in progress this was shot on my iphone 6 plus with a space of a couple of weeks between shootings. The commission itself is a 1 metre square painting. I'm more than enjoying making this commission, its focus is Blackpool and the wild view across the shallow seas of Morecombe bay towards Barrow. I'ts taken me a while to focus and shake of the fairground status of Blackpool. There is a beauty in this foreshore and the view beyond towards.  As a Lancashire painter and a Lancashire artist there are some dichotomies that I have to face up to here -- I search for beauty in a changing industrial seascape..there is a wild natural rawness I stand watching the shimmering silver grey waves caress a hard beach that over time has claimed some famous wrecks including a post Trafalgar  Flag Ship of the British Navy, its also home to scores of sea birds that wheel and dive-face the sea and you couldnt feel more wild - 

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Demonstration for Keswick Arts Society

Demonstration for Keswick Arts Society Nov 2017
By Rob Miller, Nov 7 2017 04:26PM
I've jotted down a few notes here about an afternoon I had. I'm going to try and do more of these so that you can get a feel of my working life as an artist painting in the beautiful English Lake District and Lingholm in particular.

I've copied and pasted this from my blog on the Lingholm website so if you want to see more please click here

I had a great time last Friday at the Herberts Centre in Keswick with Keswick Arts Society. I managed two demonstrations the first 45 minutes with a triptych watercolour of the Northern Derwentwater Fells this was a real gamble watercolour on this scale can easily go wrong but even with the short time slot, I think I did well. Challenging oneself is the only quick way to develop and test your skills and mentally your concentration whether its in private or in public. if you do and it comes off then watercolour is amazingly good at looking bright and fresh...perfect really as it keeps this fresh quality forever.

After tea came the second half. I had already stretched some Windsor and Newton oil paper and had prepared a box of all the materials I would need so I got straight into making a sepia painting using Pip Seymour Acrylics AKA. I covered the whole sheet in a light wash of lemon and raw sienna and whilst still wet had some fun wiping it off with a cloth, moving the paint around the surface, before painting with a cloth , brush anything in my box trying out all sorts of non traditional ways in order to quickly get to an image that I liked. The Art society members appeared to love it, this method is not only quick fun but also produces some stunning work by some of the UK's leading artists. At the end of the demo, we talked about using this technique for a full day workshop in the new year.