Sunday, 18 January 2009

Gallery Lucia - Restaurante Lucia

a selection of new works for the Galleria Lucia

Cork oak Ink, Acrylic and Oil on Canvas 1 and 2

Pueblo pigs house wall finca

Friday, 9 January 2009

Autumn Cork Oak Early One Morning Arroyo Hondo

Young Cork Oaks struggle because of the lack of light
across a flat area of ridge above the Arroyo Hondo.
The trees are almost three times as wide as they are high
and lack the usual structure of a tree their age.
Branches twist and wind
and there is fierce competition from both Almond trees and wild Olives.

New work in the old Studio

The news is that the new studio didn't work out, the space was okay but there wasn't any water. It was a fruitless exercise I spent almost a full day carrying all the kit around. Now I have reverted back to my studio under the sun and stars with mixed feelings. Working outside is great for getting an understanding of things around there is an endles supply of materials and inspiration. You do have to be more organised and I think more focused.

I have been surprised at the level of rainfall here has been four time more than usual I was told yesterday. Fields are flooded and rivers run free with plenty of water. A great contrast from the summer time. However the last few days have dawned bright and brisk so working outside was fine if cool.