Saturday, 25 June 2011

Lake District , Two studies in oils by Rob Miller RSA

Grange Hedgerow and Barn
Oil on Canvas

Grange A Fresh day
oil on canvas

Two studies in oils with a few more to come. The lower one painted at Grange over Sands on a fresh summers day; well it felt more like early spring in Romsdalfjorden which is a warm 0 degrees. The top one inland on a great old bridleway overgrown and bursting with florabunda.

I'm finding that doing this kind of work in oil is more than enjoyable, the paint spreads like silk and this allows me to give myself over to the creative energy that drives me inside, its like flying on auto pilot without worrying that every things going to crash dry or that I may stray from the zone...oil is much more fun than acrylic..

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Lake District 2 studies in oils by Rob Miller RSA

Gorse Eskdale Valley
Oil on Canvas

Farms Cumbria Coast Study
Oil on Canvas
Two studies in oils of Cumbria, the wide coastal belt with its hedge rows and shining light and the deep valley of upper Eskdale.
Cumbria or dare I say old North West Lancashire holds some of the best most varied scenery that can be found, in fact the area from here across to the Tyne is amazing for the paint the contrast between the well lit coastal plain and fell tops, which still pick up the light from the Atlantic and, the deep dales or valleys is a real challenge for the artist, as is the long established record of the area as a bastion for  Northern Landscape Painter.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Grime Hill Cottages One May Afternoon A painting by Rob Miller

Grime Hill Quarry Cottages
One May Afternoon
Acrylic on canvas
Rain, Floods, Frost. And after frost, rain

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Friday, 3 June 2011

Great Gable East Face A painting by Rob Miller

Great Gable Fell, East Face
Acrylic on Canvas
I sketched this distant view of Napes and Westmorland Crags outlining the flank of Great Gable ages ago when accompanied by my constant companion Benjamin Disraeli (Ben for short and for when he was good)  my sheepdog, who has been sadly  absent in the flesh from my side for some years now. I sketched it again,  minus the  bored frolicking and stone collecting antics of my best pal about three years ago, I took a photo from half way up the track to Sprinkling Tarn. Great Gable is a great fell, the mecca of fell walkers, which to quote a fellow Blackburnian Mr Wainwright has "a thousand perspiring pedestrians across the top from dawn til dusk" Although my dog Bens ashes lie on the summit of Winter Hill in the West Pennines  I like to think of him sitting on the slab on which Gables summit cairn sits, high above Westmorland watching the ravens wheel and whirrrr and the sun setting over Wastwater.."go on go an get em, good lad Ben".

Northern Moods Drawings by Rob Miller RSA

Grane Haslingden Flags Quarry track
Mixed media and collage

Milltown Winter Morning Bolton
mixed media on paper

Pit shaft 2
Blackburn Road
Chaters Moss

 Pit shaft 2
Bl;ackburn Road
Charters Moss
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Following on from the success of the pieces that are at the Shireburn Hotel in Mellor I'm working on a continued series based on the title .Northern Moods.' The series of drawings are starting to take on new directions  Merging  traditional low tech art applications like drawing, painting and collage with new digital image making. Its a bit like Im engaged in the same post industrial process as the subject matter merging old and new techniques. I'm finding the series really interesting to do nature versus mankind on a local level. Which is a simplified look at the abandoned old industrial sites in out of city settings; workings such as coal mines pit shafts , quarries, butteries, tramways now overgrown and deserted but once a site of great activity.