Friday, 22 February 2019

Gloamin Iceland

New work inspired whilst developing the theme of Gloamin and revisiting my drawings and sketches of   Iceland, Norway and North Britain. There's no other way of painting this concept of Gloamin in a northern evening  or the Wolf hour in a Northern morning. Im finding it quite exciting.

Monday, 18 February 2019

A painting of Wetstone Edge West Pennine Moors, Belthorne Blackburn oil on linen board by Rob Miller RSA

A painting of Wetstone Edge Belthorne Blackburn oil on linen board by Rob Miller RSA
 A distant Irish Sea and Blackpool tower viewed afar from the West Pennine Moors as they rise step by step above Blackburn. Belthorne one of a series of old coal villages sits on the  ridge ahead high above the valley. Always a source of power for the nation the area around Wetstone Edge was a hive of coal mining activity. Now this lovely old farm sits in front of a ridge of tall Wind Turbines.

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Gloamin 6 A painting of a distant Manchester in winter viewed from West Pennine Moors.

Gloaming A distant Manchester winter West Pennine Moors oil on board 23x30cm
This is my regular view many mornings as I travel over the West Pennines and down into Turtons village of  Egerton. Each day Im awarded with a different view great skies and open spaces. Last week the end of the snows brought with it a wonderful display of browns and yellows. The rough foreground ground is formed from very fragile grazing land wet meadows which are lush in bird song and raptors. The Pennines above Oldham form the indistinct dark blue ground in the distance with the near ridge of Breightmet ( Bright meadows) and Longworth Clough both strong weaving and coal mining areas.

Gloamin 4 Snows Gone Tockholes Darwen with Blackburn Lancashire

It was one of those wet muggy after snow damp days that chill you through to your bones, I managed to snatch some images and sketches whilst sat in my car. Id been determined to get out again in the snow after a great day snow walking above Brinscall and Withnell Moor  in cold and clear weather. So I was disappointed but really should have known better...This one is oil on board 30x30cm

Friday, 1 February 2019

Lingholm New series Drifting Shorelines The Wild wood

I think that this work is finished. It will have to be as I need the board its taped on for other things namely drifting shorelines 2.

This is one of the first of a new Lingholm series for this year 2019 using wallace seymour acrylics on snowdon paper. The series is starting to develop into a more loose style which has taken an age. I made a pile of A3 charcoal studies of the shoreline in front of Lingholm Catbells and Causey Pike. Here is a link to the Lingholm page I will try my hadest to load up some of the drawings this weekend.