Friday, 22 February 2013

Penyghent A three peaks painting by Rob Miller

Penyghent the track from Horten Three Peaks Series 2013
 Spring time oil on canvas 50x50cm 

Ingleborough a three peaks painting by Rob Miller FRSA

Ingleborough  from Plover Hill, Three Peaks Series 2013
Oil on Canvas, 50x50cm

Open cast, Rossendale Northern painting by Rob Miller

Northern Row Above Rossendale
Landscapes without  figures
50x70 Oil on canvas

"The grasses how bright their light shines under the dull blue of a northern sky. A flight of seeds almost silent waterfalls on earth, more layers pan sticking  a crust of scars, how bright must the cloggers'  light have shone at Miller Barn and how well did they receive Wesley.."  Sketch book notes from Landscapes without figures
When I go through Rossendale by foot, by bike or by car I am impressed by the richness of the land and the equal richness of  the valleys spiritual and industrial buildings though sadly  many are now falling into disrepair. This valley like others was one of the main reasons why Manchester and the industrial revolution  was able to come  into being, such an array of raw materials and at that time such an array of preachers  
"as long as the earth endures,  seed time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter and day and night will never cease." Book of Genesis 8:22. 

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Northern Row Haslingden A Rossendale painting by Rob Miller

Good Morning Haslingden  Landscape without figures Northern Row series
 oil on canvas 50x50cm

" The chimney is tall, the factory  closed again.  
Evensong, blackbirds and the wind 
moving through the service trees " Sketch book notes

This artwork  Northern Row, based loosely on the poems of Jaccottet, Landscape without Figures, the outskirts of  Manchester town ex colliery buildings are jumbled with farms, churches with the old cotton Mill standing in a huddle of terrace rows, the path is an old pack horse trail with only a short section remaining. A typical Lancashire Mill town scene.

Across the sound. A Hebrides painting by Rob Mille

Across the sound, oil on canvas, 70x70cm