Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Painting of Yr Wyddfa from Crib Goch Snowdonia in watercolour

Yr Wyddfa and Crib Goch
Watercolour on paper

One of my favourite walks of all time and a personal trip along this route every Christmas day in my late twenties, this is a special mountain and a pleasure to revisit in paint.

Original paintings by Rob Miller RSA: Prints/originals are available from Artisan Studio Bolton United Kingdom.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Painting of Edgworth Lancashire Pine Woods in watercolour

 Edgworth Woods at dusk  Pastel on paper 53x34cm 
After a long day in the studio a walk before dusk around the local lakes at  Edgworth is one of the more popular options on our list before evening meal. This walk usually sees us cutting it late and having to negotiate our way through a dark woodland path away from the brighter Lake which glistens invitingly through the dark trees below the last shimmering of sun. Apart from our footsteps and breaths the other sounds are the receding snuggle sounds of robins and other small woodland life, a stray gaggle of Peter Kays or look alike over verbal geese and the flock calls of sheep. I always want to take my time at this moment before real dark, love to  pause briefly for an om's length whilst natures evensong becomes still to be replaced by the chasing sounds of owls, fox and those of scurrying, fleeing feet ours included This one, another of the yes I admit to living again near Bolton series .

Monday, 6 February 2012

Painting of the first snowfall Lancashire Pennines on canvas Rob Miller

The first snow West Pennines
acrylic and ink on canvas

The first snow West  Pennine
edge detail

The first snow West Pennines detail 1
This is the second painting of my new West Pennine series,  nearly complete it portrays  the first flush of the recent snow falls  this weekend.  It has taken me two full days to paint but I consider it well worth the effort of  getting the paint quickly onto the canvas in numerous paint laden  layers scratched, pulled, pushed and rubbed so that it makes a good fresh representation of the memory of the Saturday walk I did through a very diverse habitat  a wet meadow that  is slowly recovering from overgrazing by sheep. Natures reaction to itself and its way of mending itself continues to amaze me,  

The morning  I sat and sketched the views I saw five deer in a group, a fox, a couple of what I thought were small hawks and an endless chat of small bird life all of which suddenly fell quiet and the land  stilled as the first band of snow swirled across the sky chasing a straggle of extremely  loud honking geese. Not surprising the land was in shock the warm winter to date had lulled everything there including myself into a false sense of 'never ending autumn here comes spring'  goodness,  the snow fall made a shock of white cold on the top of the moor changing everything, now there is a real fight for life in the frozen mire, the tadpoles all frozen oh no 

Friday, 3 February 2012

Painting of Across the moor Belmont near Bolton Lancashire on Canvas

Across the moor at Edgworth
acrylic on canvas

By popular demand and request I'm working on a new series of  Bolton based paintings in acrylics and oils. The work explores the areas of Edgerton, Belmont, White Coppice and Rivington and brings together some of the work that I have done on paper.