Sunday, 19 June 2016

Oil paintings of the English Lake District Haystacks and Great Gable by Rob Miller

Great gable summer blues from Inominate Tarn Haystacks
Oil on Canvas 30x30cm Rob Miller

Inominate Tarn  rising clouds late morning
70x70cm Oil on Canvas Rob Miller

Along with a lightening storm on Fairfield, a Gale Force ten with rain at midnight on the Nan Bield Pass, heatstroke and dehydration on Scafell,   getting lost on Haystacks for a few hours on a wet drizzle day has to be one of the Lakeland Fell experiences that I remember. Why? well for the sheer joy of the mist rising and the dawning realisation of where I was. Since then its become a favourite one in a list of the Fell tops that I like to revisit. Though small in stature in a mist Haystacks crags and steep drops can look alarming. I've taken to re exploring this lovely Fell in paint here are a couple of works in progress painted in oil.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Oil painting of Springtime Bleasedale Fell . Forest of Bowland by Rob Miller Lancashire Artist

Springtime at  Bleasedale Forest of Bowland Lancashire
looking at Fairsnape and Parlic Fells
oil on canvas 96x42cm
Rob Miller
Another most enjoyable Commission of the Bowland Forest, this time in South West Bowland looking across the fields from near the Bleasedale Stone Circle, past Higher Fair Snape Farm, Fosters wood and onto the summit and Nicks Chair between Fair Snape and Parlic. It is very old Lancashire round these parts and I imagion that Nick Chair was the devils seat, it being a flat rock which gives a perfect view across the Lancashire plain..  I started the painting during the late gold of winter, then gale force winds and snow. I finally completed when the first flush of spring resounded to the curlews wild and lonely call and Bowland was at its best.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Oil painting of an English Summer by Rob Miller Lancashire Artist

Oil painting of Summer time above Entwistle Bolton Lancashire
 40x30cm oil on canvas Artist Rob Miller
Its great to be out and about painting  this view across the fields above Entwistle  a village just outside Bolton. The Sky  Larks are singing, and birds are really active bounding about feeding their fluffy youngsters. One of my favourite times of year to paint the new summer greens.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

A painting of the Forest Of Bowland Tatham Fells,by Lancashire artist Rob Miller

Tatham Fells Springtime 50x50cm acrylics on canvas Rob Miller Lancashire

Situated to the East of Roeburndale #Tatham Fells is a remote upland area mostly unchanged. The view today was painted on a typical  Springtime day and chosen by the musician Helen Roe as it was her birthday.  We spent a couple of hours looking at the landscape and exploring a few locations before we settled on this particular one. The location is on Craggs Lane,  the steep drop just above Lane Ends Bridge, we were looking over a wooded Crossdale Beck up to Ringstones and Sea view Farm. The omnipresent Ingleborough still dominating the skyline.  The days weather as often is here was a fresh cold wind that brought  surprisingly little  rain  and  an occasional bit of warming sun. We also spent some time hunkered behind the raised boot of the estate car drawing the scene from further up the beck drawing the Barn near Peters Bottom and the Tatham Fells.

Monday, 6 June 2016

English watercolour sketch West Pennine, Brinscall Garden painting

Spring Garden BrinscallWatercolour sketchbook Rob Miller Lanacshire

I had some great fun sketching with pen and ink and watercolour, in the garden over the weekend in plenty of sunshine. Mavis and Ken a friendly Mallard Duck couple dropped in from the sky a few times(once literally on top of me as I sat quite still). I've learnt over my years of sketching outside,  that this "being still",   is of course the best way of camouflaging myself  from the deer, foxes,  birds etc who walk past without noticing, "being still" is also a spiritual concept in Christianity and Buddhism as well as many religions a very meditative peaceful experience. Is there ever a better way of spending a Sunday morning? I think I'm going to do more of this type of gardening or up close landscapes and go quite abstract. Happy painting friends! regards Rob