Monday, 6 June 2016

English watercolour sketch West Pennine, Brinscall Garden painting

Spring Garden BrinscallWatercolour sketchbook Rob Miller Lanacshire

I had some great fun sketching with pen and ink and watercolour, in the garden over the weekend in plenty of sunshine. Mavis and Ken a friendly Mallard Duck couple dropped in from the sky a few times(once literally on top of me as I sat quite still). I've learnt over my years of sketching outside,  that this "being still",   is of course the best way of camouflaging myself  from the deer, foxes,  birds etc who walk past without noticing, "being still" is also a spiritual concept in Christianity and Buddhism as well as many religions a very meditative peaceful experience. Is there ever a better way of spending a Sunday morning? I think I'm going to do more of this type of gardening or up close landscapes and go quite abstract. Happy painting friends! regards Rob

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