Saturday, 16 October 2010

Lakeland Paintings in progress for the exhibition 'Kendal and beyond' at the Brewery Arts Centre. Artist Rob Miller

Langdale Pikes when viewed from Little Langdale looking up the valley
this is one of the best of Lakeland scenes. Work in progress Rob Miller 

A second Langdale view looking up to Crinckle Crags and Bowfell
a great winters morning

A third and final for this series, view of the :\Langdales
this one looking down into the valley from the terminal moraine
sunlight shining down in drifts through light cloud in late spring.

Posted by PicasaThe Langdales and the Lakes are always a frightening subject matter for the Landscape painter to paint trying his style out on what are very familiar views of much loved landscapes, firstly there are so many views that are great that its difficult to make the choice...and so many views have been painted by so many before..lets see how it goes shall we...?

Lakeland Paintings in progress for the solo exhibition  'Kendal and beyond'
at the Brewery Arts Centre November 2010-February 2011 Artist Rob Miller

Friday, 15 October 2010

Paintings of the Isle Of Harris A short video by Rob Miller

Bagpipes wow they make a noise,,,
the paintings are of Loch Seaforth and the lower or more southern aspects of the Isle of Harris.
I  put this video together on Googles Picasso and it was quite easy to do
the problem is though that the pan and zoom deliberately mists the images making
the paintings not as clear and as bright as I would have wanted but eh the
bagpipes make up for that...its on you tube and will be one of many videos that we aim to make
in artisan fine art gallery Bolton.

You can see the artwork without the music and the misty effects on my portfolio pages 'hebrides'