Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Derwentwater Fells triptych south Borrowdale Gates

The second of the modellos under-drawing  for the North wall of the Stone room shows Catbells, Skiddaw and Causey Pike. The painting is in pencil, inks and acrylics on canvas scaled to size. The completed work will be 2 metres  x 6 metres. This one looks at the central Borrowdale Gates and the views down the Borrowdale valley viewed from the right side of Great Bay. On either side are the main crags towering in rocky and steep profusion over the small houses that cling above the Lake shore. On the left we have shepherds painted from the perimeter of the the Lakes great Bay and on the right we have Blea Crag sitting high on the Fell with Goat Crag below it both massive bulks of twisted rock above the village of Grange hidden in the trees along with the tumbling Broadslack Gill and Ellers Beck. see Rob Miller at Lingholm

Detail Above Ladore under-painting of final tyrptych

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