Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Painting the Gloamin 2 Sketch book

Gloamin 2

Across the fields towards Pleasington Lat light

Farmhouse behind some trees Dole Lane early
dusk after the rain

Images glanced at and remembered in no particular order
Gloamin abstraction
Evening sky after rain acrylics

The Lake District is and as always been a perfect place for a painter and fell walker.  

“ For me, wherever I am, the inspiration for my landscape paintings comes from both painting and walking in the land. I see this as a meditation which provides me with a direct sense of place. For me, making a painting is like writing prose or a poem, both an expression of a feeling and an impression of a place. Depending on the nuances of the paint the wind or sun my work finishes somewhere between abstraction and figurative. “

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