Saturday, 4 February 2017

A painting of the Isle of Jura Scotland.

Here is a painting from my new series of seascapes. This one is based on a moment remembered near Jura "Hebrides . Sea state Calm . light rain clearing force 1-2 variable. I first sailed this way with a group of friends some 20 years ago on a typical Scottish drizzle day. Enthralled by the view from the sea and the magic of the names which I had read as a kid in adventure books and later as a teenager in my Geology A level texts. 

Sailing was a different feeling than the one that I had on previous trips to the highlands when my focus and been purely on climbing and mountain walking. You can charter a yacht as a whole boat find your own skipper or simple book on board a yacht and lend a hand on the ropes if you feel in the mood, an amazing way to see the Hebrides is on board an old boat such as the classic  Eda Frandsen. There is  also a modern yacht charter   and a link to Jura Development as well as the nearest yacht club Tay Vallich..  

I'm hoping that the new series of paintings that Im doing reflect this as well as the storms that we experienced later including a ripped mainsail, huge Scottish Trawlers and being stranded ashore. 

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