Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Casares Bahia, Summer sun Andalucia, Costa del Sol, oil on board, 22x30cm, painting by Lancashire artist Rob Miller RSA

Casares Bahia, Andalucia, Costa del Sol, oil on board, 22x30cm, ,
Rob Miller RSA
Today its the 4th August, I'm in England, North England its yet another grey summer day with rain, literally pouring down in bucket loads. I splash my way towards my studio which is situated at the back of #Falcon Mill Car park. On the way I pass a couple of soggy yardmen who are busy unloading a huge lorry, we exchange shouts that are lost in the downpour.  I grin and then I climb the wet stairs to the studio door. I unlock the security door and then the main door..Fine.Art Gallery it says.  Once inside I have a number of tasks to do before I switch on my lap top and see that the first image on the screen is from  a past holiday post brexit some years ago its a picture, a photo that I shot on the beach #Casares #Andalucia, Well,  I had to paint it there and then. The scene is southern euro heat and sun. As I painted I could feel the heat  of the sand on my feet, the hot breeze in my face and the chattering of the Spanish kids on holiday as they ran into the surf to cool down. Now we cool down with #brexit.

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