Friday, 18 September 2015

Art market at Greenlands Farm "A view from Holme Fell Rob Miller

A view from Holme Fell..part 2 demo at Greenlands Farm
This new paining in oils features a wonderful old stunted Oak tree atop a limestone knoll with the sparkling bay below it. It was one of those blustery squally end of summer days that occur, you could feel autumn in the wind, not that the summers been at all good. I started working on it this week and realised that I'm due to go on Sunday to the  Art Market at Greenlands Farm Sun 10 AMArtonthefarmCarnforth

A view from above Holme across Morecombe bay
work in progress 1000x750
 "A view from above Holme near Lancaster looking down and across Morecombe Bay"
 I  decided to bring the studio to the Farm and continue painting it there in oils the size is 1000x750mm. (Brilliant painting to the cheerful sounds that the sheep and their friends make.) I had a good spot and the gazebo was large enough to get me the easel and a small display of my work which was well received. It only rained once and so I managed to get a couple of hours work  done whilst meeting a lot of nice new people who were mostly locals from the area. There is something challenging about working this way especially if your painting a local view, its almost like a performance which I quite enjoy. Especially as I was painting outside and the canvas become kite like and flew off now and then when a stronger gust rattled down from the higher ground. The Emu's out of all the animals and birds there proved to have more of an interest in my work but preferred pecking at my bag of bird seed to holding a brush and taking their art seriously.

The work now has more shape and colour  to it and an increasing idea of recession and depth. I've also allowed more runs, and texture and painterly nuances thinking that the work will bridge a gap with the Northern Row series which I began a few years ago one piece from this work is at the . Water Street Gallery Todmorden a very pleasant gallery and place to visit.

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