Friday, 21 August 2015

A painting of Robinwood Cliviger Lancashire by Rob Miller

I love the names in Cliviger, or at least the place below me at the bottom of the gorge. "Robinwood" . This was another Pochade day out in the Cliviger Parish,   Today, I was again above  Cornholme near Mount Pleasant Farm and looking down across the edge of Obadiah Wood. Cliviger is a pleasant, quirky,  hilly place that is both busy and quiet at the same time.  As I painted away the Northern Rail train tooted below me on the Burnley to Todmorden train line which is latticed with the main road, both winding along the valley bottom competing for space with the fast flowing River Calder. Rising above the river and the many bridges are soaring banks of heather clad hills and an eclectic mix of woodland,  pastures and buildings,  all jostling each other for space along the narrow valley floor. I stopped in the edge of a  handkerchief size meadow near Mount Pleasant Farm. What a splendid time I had nestled against a  hedgerow packed with fruit, larks, hawks, Robins and friendly squirrels chattering or soaring through their day.

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