Sunday, 3 May 2015

Ribble Valley springtime painting in progress by Rob Miller RSA

Ribble Valley springtime, a view from Longridge Fells' Kemple End over to Pendle. 

All kinds of pastoral music themes washed over me as I painted this and apart from remembered and learnt classical sounds I still recall the honk of the return of the geese flying close by, the bark of a fox, chatter birdlife and rumbling distant farming sounds amid  the excited  new buzz of this years bees. Does sound, I asked myself really play such an important role in my work. I know I require a stillness of mind when I begin to paint outdoors and in?  Is this a part of this the sound of life or remembered music? Is this my best avenue of tuning in and as a visual artist how does it relate to my  'visual' agenda.    All this started me looking at the interrelation of all the arts and landscape so of late I've been looking through all kinds of papers at the developing work by musicians and composers on landscape and music such as  Does anyone know of any Lancashire musicians into this area of composition and recital?

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