Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Holcombe, Lancashire Winter Painting by Rob Miller RSA

Holcombe Lancashire Winter
Acrylic on canvas
Holcombe Lancashire Winter, Walking damply down back from Hill End Farm below the Peel Tower, dark by 5.00pm, wet damp greys and blues, traffic calming, an owl hooting, an end to the rain, and now, the moons silver, slithering across the trees,

Painting notes

The greys in this Lancashire, mid winter painting were difficult to get to; I started the painting last winter and it had hung on the studio wall for months; a bit to blue in tone and to vibrant for a wild Lancashire winter night; Today I was working on a new painting, it was a painting that focused on an coal mine high above the East Lancashire valley a dark brooding scene; I had the steel grey earth colour I wanted fixed in my minds eye, but had a mental block about the mix I should use, to jog my mind on the grey I had to resort to my old sketch book where I faithfully mark down all  my colour mixes; Eureka, out jumped the right grey and associated notes, not for the coal mine painting but for Lancashire Winter;  In this case the colour mix was close to the one I had done when I had reproduced parts of  the impressionists Edouard Manet painting and pont neuf by Maquet they were both Paris night scenes; Eureka the sketch books are out of the closet and by the easel...

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