Lancashire Artist Rob Miller

For me, making a painting is like making a poem, it is both an expression of a feeling and an impression of a place; whether my focus is the brightening field corner, the running shadows of a stream or the feeling of awe in mountainous spaces under stormy skies. I try and portray the sublime in nature.  Working outside makes this emotive experience a direct one. Depending on the nuances of the paint my work finishes somewhere between abstraction and figurative.  I spend time each year painting alongside painters from Portugal and Spain  I like the international dimension as it confronts my English traditions of style along with the light and landscape.

My work is in private collections in Britain, Europe and in the USA.

 I did an Art Diploma at Bolton University gaining a distinction in painting and then I did an MA course in the History of Art which is progressing slowly.

To see a short video of my work by th photoghrapher Gerry McLoughlin please click here

Rob Miller RSA

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